North Dakota Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Can a North Dakota native ace this quiz? You betcha.

Take this fun North Dakota Quiz to see if you know the state’s slang, lingo and trivia as well as you thought you did. Only locals can pass!

 Aug 26, 2018
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“Can you pick up some popcorn from the store?” “Yes, _________!”
Skippy doodly yes!
you betcha!
Right as rain, I will!
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How do you pronounce that word referring to a thin stream of water?
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Which midwestern coffee chain might you visit instead of Starbucks?
Caribou Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
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What do you call that last meal of the day?
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What word do most North Dakotans use when referring to hot dishes?
Funeral Potatoes
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What’s something rowdy people do when they’ve got nothing else to do?
Dragging hell
Roping Main Street
Dragging Main Street
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Your neighbor’s house is diagonal from yours. How do you say that?
It’s catty corner
It’s kitty corner
It’s angled
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You need to answer this question “for” this quiz. How does some Dakotans say “for”?
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Are you there yet?” “Yes, we’re _______.”
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How do you pronounce wash, as in: You need to “wash” your clothes.
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What are those snacks that are peanut butter bars covered in chocolate?
Chocolate Delight
Smore's Treasure
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What do you call a sugary, carbonated beverage?
RC Cola
Soda Pop
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What’s this refer to? “Knee high by the fourth of July.”
Tomato Plants
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How do you address a big group of people?
Howdy everybody
You guys
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What game is great to play outdoors at tailgates and barbecues?
Tic tac toe
Spike ball
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What’s a hot beef?
A phrase for when it’s blazing hot out
When two people are in an argument; they have beef
A delicious roast beef sandwich
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Which North Dakota town is famous thanks to movies and TV?
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Which college is located in this "famous" city?
North Dakota State University
University of Mary
North Dakota University
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Which of these restaurant chains is local to ND?
Burger Time
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What might you say as an expression of surprise?
Uff da!
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