Sorry, But NO ONE Can Get 100% On This Ohio Lingo Quiz. Can You?

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Caution: Only Ohio locals from this point on!

Ace this 19 question Ohio lingo quiz to prove that you truly know the Buckeye State like only a local can! Best of luck to you!

 May 13, 2020

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Ohio really might be the only place ever that calls the strip of grass between the lawn and street the:
Devil Strip
Angel’s Landing
Troll Patch

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When someone yells out O-H you obviously respond with______. No matter where you are!
Let’s GO!

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For some reason, lots of people can’t resist adding an “s” to _______.
Kroger. Kroger’s.
Walmart. Walmart’s.
Target. Target’s

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Seriously, once you eat your chili with _____, you’ll never go back.
Sweet potatoes
Garlic bread

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If you like dipping your fries in a frosty, then you can thank Ohio for:
Burger King

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Can you grab the ______? There are crumbs everywhere!

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Don’t like the weather? Then:
Just wait a couple weeks, it’ll change.
Just wait 5 minutes, it’ll change.
Move to Michigan. Weather’s much better.

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A group of people is:
You guys

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If your friend orders a side of “Jojo’s” what’s coming out with their food?
Potato wedges
Steamed veggies

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The famous Ohio treat, Buckeyes, are made of what ingredients?
Banana and dark chocolate
White chocolate and raspberry
Chocolate fudge and peanut butter

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When it comes to pro football, you have to choose a side…
Browns or Bengals!
Buckeyes or Bengals!
Browns or Buckeyes!

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What meal is "Goetta" typically served at?

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“______ Mafia” might not be so true. But it IS true that Ohio has quite a big ______ population.

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If someone asks to play Euchre you’ll need to grab the ______!

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Wait, so which cities make up the 3 C’s?
Cleveland, Canton, Chillicothe
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus
Cleveland, Cincinatti, Canton

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It's totally relatable that your hometown river is, or at some point was, ______. It's just an Ohio thing.

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Okay, not everyone hates ______, but many do.

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If you can survive the Ohio ______, you can probably survive just about anything.
Rapidly changing weather
ALL of these things!
Constant road construction

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Leave the ______ State? You’re crazy! I love it here, even when I don’t like it that much.
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Can we get an O-H-I-O? Did you know that nearly twelve million people get to call the great state of Ohio home? That's a pretty huge number! When as many as twelve million people live in a state, it's no wonder that a lot of good food, funny lingo, popular slang, and support for local sports teams come pouring out of that state. People like to think that all Midwestern states are the same (you just flyover them right?) but if you've made it this far, odds are that you know each and every state has their own unique traditions that make them, them. That of course goes for Ohio, too, and you're probably even biased to like Ohio a lot more than all of those other Midwestern States. And why shouldn't you? Ohio has a little bit of it all, with four intense seasons (can you say hot-hot-hot summers and cold-cold-cold winters?), incredible sports teams, and local foods that are beyond delicious while also being ingenious (we're looking at you, Skyline Chili). You SHOULD have a lot of pride for the Buckeye State, and that being the case, here's your chance to prove how you're the most loyal Buckeye of all, caught up on every little piece of Ohio lingo. Hopefully phrases like Skyline Chili, Buckeyes, Wendy's, mushroom-hunting season, and euchre sound familiar to you... because otherwise you might be in the wrong place. So if you're truly an Ohio local, step right up and put your state knowledge to the test! You just might score yourself a perfect 100%! Good luck!