New York City Lingo - It’s A Thing! Do You Know It ALL?

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Real New Yorker or just another tourist?

Ace this tricky 18 questions New York City lingo and trivia quiz to prove that you know the Big Apple like only a true local can. Good luck!

 Nov 16, 2019
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New York, New York. Wow, what a city, indeed! With a population of 8.6 million, a lot of people call this amazing city home. It's the biggest city in the United States, trailed by Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philly and Phoenix. Naturally, a city this big and diverse is going to develop some distinct lingo and slang. And NYC sure has, hence this quiz: "New York City Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know It ALL?"

Seeing that you've made it this far, you probably ARE a New Yorker yourself, or you just have some serious connections to the Big Apple. After all, this city is full of transplants and tourists. It seriously is a city of the world, more so than just a part of the United States. So whether you've lived here for a long time (decades) or a short time (months), you've probably picked up on the slang pretty quickly. Do phrases like stoop, bodega, fronting, grilling, Tribeca, Schmear, slice, and rats-with-wings all sound familiar to you? Good! You might stand a chance of passing or acing this New York City local slang quiz then. But be warned: it's dumb hard.

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