Nevada Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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It's not all about Las Vegas... We swear!

This quiz tests your knowledge on all things Nevada like lingo, food, and iconic locations. If you can ace it, you must be a local! It's a bit tricky!

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Hey there! We're here to talk all things Nevada! How much do you know about the Silver State? We're going to be up front with you here. If you want to have any chance of acing, or even passing, this 18 question "Nevada Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?" quiz you're going to need to know a whole LOT about Nevada! Because this trivia quiz covers a wide range of topics regarding Nevada like lingo, trivia, pronunciation, tourist spots, local spots, sports, national parks and more. When it comes to Nevada, it seems like Las Vegas typically gets all the glory. But all you Nevada locals, natives, transplants and enthusiasts know that the Silver State is so much more than that! Not all desert, not all casinos, not all cliches, Nevada has a lot of depth and points of interest. Did you know that Nevada actually means "snow-capped"? Unexpected, but true, and there IS snow in Nevada. If any of this sounds familiar or interesting, then you should think about taking this quiz. You just might ace it, or at least learn something new about your home state, or just learn something new about a state you didn't know that much about it.

If Nevada isn't your thing, that's just fine too. has hundreds of other quizzes. On all fifty states, but also on other topics like spelling, grammar, vocabulary, history, entertainment, movies, and more! These quick and tricky two minute quizzes are the perfect brief mental escape from your hectic day. So go ahead, give them a try! You might really enjoy yourself. Good luck!

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