Milwaukee Lingo - It's A Thing! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

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How much do you know about this brew-tiful city?

Are you a Milwaukee local who knows all about Milwaukee slang, trivia, teams, and favorite foods? Then you should have no problem acing this quiz!

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Milwaukee, what a city! If you're a Milwaukee native, then lucky you. But if you're a Milwaukee transplant, enthusiast, tourist, or frequent visitor, still lucky you! Because the Brew City seriously is one cool place. Located in Wisconsin and situated on Lake Michigan, this is one unique city. You probably enjoy beautiful warm (and maybe a little humid) summers, freezing winters, and pretty falls and springs. Many out-of-staters overlook Midwestern "flyover" states like Wisconsin, but truly they are the ones missing out. Each state and city, especially the ones located in these "flyover" states have their own unique style, customs, vibes and traditions. And that's so true for Milwaukee. Around these parts, there's a particular way of talking and pronouncing, as well as so many local favorite foods and restaurants, breweries, fantastic sports teams, music festivals, and so much more! By flying over Milwaukee, you're truly missing out on a lot. The Brew City has so much to offer, and then some more!

If you're not one of the lucky 595,000 who get to call Milwaukee, Wisconsin their home, that's okay! still has so many more geography quizzes made for every single one of the fifty states. No matter your home state or home city, has a quiz for you. There's something so special about connecting with other natives of your city or state. There's so much to reconnect and reminisce over. Those childhood memories of growing up in a city never fade. So go ahead! Start this Milwaukee quiz and enjoy a little two to three minute mental break from your hectic day or evening. You're sure to enjoy yourself!

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