Michigan Lingo - It's A Thing! Think You Can Answer All 34 Questions?

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So much Michigan trivia... Really think you know it all?!

If you're a Michigan local, then you just might stand a chance at passing this 30 question quiz on food, slang, and weekend traditions regarding MI!

 Jul 06, 2020

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Let's begin with basics. What's a troll?
A little garden gnome
Someone who starts drama on the internet
People who live below the Mackinac

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What do you call one of those people who lives above the bridge then?
An upper!
A yooper!
A looper!

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You can say Mackinac Bridge OR ________. Everyone will still know what you're talking about.
The Mighty Mac
The Small Mac
The Long Mac

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And first part of "Mackinac" rhymes with the second, right?
Mhmm, Mack-eye-knack, it is!
No way, you'll sound like a tourist. It's Mack-i-gnaw
That's correct, it's Mack-i-nack!

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Michiganders are tough, but if a winter cold's got you down, you might try what beverage before you try any medicine?
Ginger Puree, you'll be better in no time.
Vernor's, it's the cure for everything.
Lemon Juice, that'll open up your sinuses.

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What's the most Michigan way to explain to another citizen where you live in the state?
Using your hand as a map
City Distances
Cardinal Directions

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Everyone knows you call tourists "fudgies," but why?
It's inexplicable.
Because they like to spend time up North and buy fudge.
Because no one likes fudge or tourists.

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Around here, out-of-state drivers need some time to adjust to the __________.
Michigan U-ey
Michigan Left
Yooper Right

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It's a little confusing, but whenever your family gets out the cards for ____, you know it'll be a great time!
Egyptian Ratscrew

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What's that soda brand that's made right out of Michigan?
RC Cola

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If your friend says their going to A2 for the weekend, where are they actually headed?
Atlantic Atrium
Acorn Arbor
Ann Arbor

12 of 34You probably enjoyed this tricolor as a kid, what's it called?

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Oh, that's Superman Ice Cream!
Captain America Ice Cream, absolutely
Totally Green Lantern Ice Cream

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You probably have a glass sliding door in your house so you can see out to your backyard or over one of MI's 10,000 lakes, but you call it a:

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All the locals know that on Mackinac Island, _____ are banned!
Cell phones

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And if Michiganders are having friends over in the summer to grill out, you'd call that gathering a:

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Locals love to joke that Michigan's state bird is actually a what?
Fly, hordes of them!
Bumble bee, love the critters!
Mosquito! Darn things are everywhere!

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And even though Michigan does experience all four seasons, some say that there really are only two:
Summer and snowing
Fall and raining
Winter and construction

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"Oh shoot, I need to get groceries, I'll just stop at ______ on the way home!"

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No, it's not an official holiday for everyone, but you definitely consider the first day of ______ to be an unofficial one.
Deer Hunting Season
Squirrel Catching Season
Ice Fishing Season

20 of 34What is this landmark?

J Dykstra via Wikimedia Image Commons, Public Domain
Mackinac Island Grand Hotel
Beaver Island Inn
Garden Island Bed and Breakfast

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In Michigan, you're either a _____ or a ______ fan, there's no middle ground.
University of Michigan, Michigan State
Western Michigan University; Michigan State
University of Michigan, Oakland University

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Actually, take that back, there is a middle ground. It's your mutual hatred of which university?
Ohio State
Boise State
University of Nebraska

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Which of these is kind of like a delicious homemade hot pocket popular in MI?

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Struggling to remember the 5 Great Lakes? It should be easy, didn't you learn the acronym?

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You often have to be on the lookout for which animal jumping out in front of your car?

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Where do Michiganders go to vacation?
Out East!
Up North!
Down South!

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Lucky you to be living so close to the lakes, you can expect a whole lot of fresh what?
Rocky Mountain Oysters!
Bison Burgers
Fish, incredibly fresh!

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Obviously, any Michigan local is rooting for which NFL team?
The Bangals
The Lions
The Eagles

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What does a Michigan traffic jam look like?
Twenty cars stuck behind a tractor
A fender-bender on the 405
A new SIG-Alert on the interstate

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Finish Michigan's advertising slogan: _______ Michigan.

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You better know this one! What is the capital of Michigan?
Ann Arbor

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Settle the debate... do you guys call it pop, soda or cola?

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Because the lake effect means some seriously cold weather, you've had to wear which of these items on at least one Halloween?
Top hat
Winter coat

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No matter where you may go or where you might be, you'll always have so much pride for the ___________ in your heart!
Great Lake State
Show Me State
Gem State
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