Are You Iowa Enough To Ace This Tricky 30 Question IA Quiz? Bet Not!

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So much Iowa trivia... Really think you know it all?!

If you're an Iowa native, then you just might stand a chance at passing this 30 question quiz on food, slang, and weekend traditions regarding Iowa!

 Dec 28, 2018
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First things first: Is this heaven?
"No, you really think there are cornfields in Heaven?"
"No, but it's close."
"No, it's Iowa."
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"Oh, I need to get some groceries for the barbecue this weekend. I'll stop by ___ on the way home!"
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What food is Casey's famous for?
Super fresh donuts!
Delicious pizza, of course!
The best burgers in the state!
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All eyes are on Iowa during election years because of what?
The Iowa early election
The caucuses
The famous state fair
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Which famous Star Trek character was born in Riverside, Iowa?
Deanna Troi
Captain James T. Kirk
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Locals know which Iowa city to be the City of Five Seasons (and jokingly, Five Smells)?
Des Moines
Cedar Rapids
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Summer nights just wouldn't be the same without the loud buzzing sound of which bugs?
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You used to be able to find a double ferris wheel at which event? (luckily there's still a cow made of butter, at least)
The Hawkeyes’ season opening game
The Iowa State Fair
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If someone says “It should be knee high by the Fourth of July” you're know they're talking about:
Pool water
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And Hy-Vee's slogan is: "A helpful smile _____________."
for each and every child
in every aisle
across every mile
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Settle the pop/soda debate once and for all. Which is it?
Neither, it's cola
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You're not unaccustomed to seeing a traffic slow down due to a ______ every now and then.
Golf cart
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If you’re a Hawkeyes fan, you probably hate the ______, given the big rivalry.
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Odds are you won't ever see a tailgate, lawn party, or barbecue without people playing which game?
Ultimate Frisbee
Cornhole or bags
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The best type of sandwich out there is obviously a Maidrite. How would you describe this to an out-of-stater?
It's a delicious loose meat sandwich.
A cheeseburger with a melted cheese center.
It's like a BLT
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Peanut butter, chocolate, and rice krispies all combine to make up which tasty treat?
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If you pay attention along Interstate 80, you may just see the world's largest what?
Truck Stop
Corn Stalk
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If you’re a Hawkeyes fan, you probably hate the ______, given the big rivalry.
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It's seriously cringe-y whenever anyone pronounces Des Moines in what way?
Da Moyne
Dez Moynes
Doze Moyne
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Some know them as hazelnuts, but in Iowa, you might hear:
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Cat got your tongue? If you just can't think of that *one* word, you might say:
Oh you know, that "cattywompus!"
Oh you know, that "whatchamacallit!"
Oh you know, that "flibberjibbet!"
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The RAGBRAI is __.
Iowa's version of American Ninja Warrior
A triathlon
A weeklong bike ride across Iowa
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You know you can get a butterburger and concrete from which fast food chain?
Burger King
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When you see a car with one headlight burnt out, you gotta yell:
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It’s not just the heat that makes summer weather sweltering, it’s the ________ too.
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People across Iowa and other parts of the Midwest travel to visit which lake during the summer?
Lake Sugema
Lake Okoboji
Lake Texoma
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If your family says, let's play euchre, you'd say:
"Great, I'll get the cards!"
"Great, I'll get the dice!"
"Great, I'll get the board!"
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If you have to take any sort of long drive through Iowa, chances are you'll see which of these in the fields?
Wind turbines
Wind mills
Oil rigs
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How do Iowans sometimes pronounce the word "creek"?
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You couldn't care less what anyone has to say about Iowa, because you know truly, nowhere else comes close to the:
Corn State
Butter State
Hawkeye State
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