Are You Alaska Enough To Ace This Ultimate 30 Question Alaska Quiz?

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There's SO much Alaska trivia... do you really think you know it all?

Consider yourself an expert on Alaska? Then ace this quiz about Alaska slang, trivia, and food! Caution: It might be trickier than you think!

 Jul 13, 2020

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First things first, how do Alaskans typically refer to the rest of the United States?
As the Lower 48
As those states beneath Canada
As those "Tropical States"

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And you say Sally went "outside"to get an operation, you mean:
That means she went out to shovel snow.
That means she went outside of her hometown.
That also means she went somewhere in the Lower 48!

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But enough about the Outside, what do you call long time Alaskans (who've lived here 10+ years)?
Obviously, newbies.
We call them oldies.
Oh, those are sourdoughs.

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But any Alaskan who winters out of state is a:
Winter Wasp

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Come winter time in Alaska, you'll definitely see some locals wearing "Bunny Boots." What are those?!
Short boots made out of bunny fur!
An Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boot!
Extreme cold boots that have springs attached for bounciness!

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Locals jokingly call which annoying insect the unofficial state bird?

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Mr. Stubbs, the cat, was the honorary mayor of which small Alaskan town for more than 15 years?

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Uh oh, if you see _______ blooming towards the top, you know that summer is coming to an end!

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Alaskan drivers always have to be on the lookout for what type of animal on the road?
Foxes (Speedy buggers!)
Moose (they'll walk just about ANYWHERE!)
Squirrels (they'll do some serious damage to your car!)

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A diehard Alaskan will not give up their fresh salmon they just caught, even if someone just screamed out ________!

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What is Seward's Folly?
A dangerous mountain pass
The name of Alaska's blue ferries
The nickname given AK by those opposed to its purchase.

12 of 30What is this landmark?

Glacier Bay, Alaska
NPS Photo
Inside Passage
Glacier Bay
Denali Mountain

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Around these parts, some people live in "dry cabins." What is a dry cabin?
An alcohol free house in a dry community
A temporary cabin on a lake for ice fishing
A cabin with no plumbing

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If someone says they were "dipnetting" yesterday, that means they were:
At a river trying to catch a year's worth of salmon
At a bar trying to find someone to buy a drink for
In a helicopter collecting water to dump on wildfires

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In Alaska, "break up" can refer to a relationship, but also to:
Ice melting
Moose tracks
School work

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If Alaska was cut in half, it would still be bigger than Texas.
True, and don't you forget it!
False, Texas is HUGE!

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Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight ____.

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Living in the "bush" refers to:
A town off the road system
Finding lots of wild berries
Having lots of money

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What is the name of Alaska's most reknowned annual long-distance sled dog race?
Yubba Basin Dog Sled Race
Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
Yankee Ravine Sled Dog Race

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Which politician is famously from AK?
Sarah Palin
Al Gore
Mitt Romney

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Trash that's put out in Alaska HAS to:
be taken to the local police station
be in a bear proof container
be under 5 pounds at a time

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Northern Alaska boasts the rare ______ lights, also known as Northern lights.
Little dipper

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Which of the following animals is NOT found naturally in Alaska?

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The Alaskan flag features which constellation?
The Big Dipper

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What is muktuk?
Whale blubber
A local flower
A type of boots

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What is Alaska's state motto?
"Live Free Or Die Hard"
"North to the Future"
"Proceed with excellence"

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Alaskans actually typically call snowmobiles:

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If someone from a small town in Alaska says they are going to "the city" they are referring to :

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You can expect a little cash each year through the Permanent Fund Dividend?
Absolutely true!
No, that's totally false.

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No matter where you go, snowbird or sourdough, you'll always have pride in your heart for the:
Sunshine State
Show Me State
Last Frontier
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