Sorry, But NO ONE Can Get 100% On This New Hampshire Lingo Quiz. Can You?

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Caution: this quiz is wicked hard!

Ace this eighteen question New Hampshire lingo and trivia quiz to prove that you're a true local of the Granite State! Think you're up to it?

 May 12, 2020

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Seriously, _____ is a REAL New Hampshire town.

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______ are iconic around here and probably a common staple in kids’ lunch boxes. Yum!
Jam macarons
Puppy chow

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Grub’s up, some people don’t even know what _______ is, but around here, it’s a classic dish!
Shrimp and Grits
Spam Musubi
American Chop Suey

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Anyone could tell you the UNH mascot is the ______!
Mountain cat

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If you said that Mt. Washington is the ____ mountain in NH, you’d be correct.

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You can find America’s Stonehenge in which NH city?

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Get it right! A lunch meat sandwich is a:

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Which of these famous comedians went to high school in the state?
Ellen Degeneres
Adam Sandler
Chris D’elia

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Don’t call the any _____ on me! I’m not doing anything wrong here!

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Call it the Pike anywhere else, and they might not know you mean the:
Coffee shop!

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Around here, a huge snowstorm up the Coast is known as a:

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New Hampshire is even the home of one majorly famous poet…:
Robert Frost
Walt Whitman
Edgar Allen Poe

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Forget about Starbucks! Us East Coasters love:
Dutch Bros.

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Do you mind stopping at ______ on the way home? We’re totally out of groceries!
Jewel Osco

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The Old Man… What’s that phrase mean to a New Hampshire local?
Literally just an old man?
That’s what people call their dads!
It’s a great stone fan that used to be on a granite cliffside

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How much is sales tax in NH?
Sales tax? What sales tax?

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You can tell you’re dealing with a local if they say:
New Ham Shire
The Shire

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Leave the _____ State? You’re crazy! I love it here.
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