Georgia Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Do You Know?

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Think you know Georgia? Bless your heart!

Put your Georgia knowledge to the test with this fun and challenging 17 question GA lingo quiz. Think you can ace it?

 Feb 04, 2020
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Hey there, do you consider yourself to be a Georgia expert? Here's your chance to really prove that you know the Peach State way better than the next guy... or the next llocal,that is. No, we're not talking about boring Georgia facts or straight up history. We're talking about all the special lingo and slang that make Georgia, Georgia. From pronunciation, to favorite dishes, to favorite restaurants, even to popular street names and traffic jams. These are all part of the uniqueness that makes Georgia what it is. Tourists and out-of-staters alike probably like to think that they know all this Georgia jargon. But odds are that they actually don't know this beautiful state like a local does! There are some things that you only pick up after calling a certain area or city home. And that rings true for Georgia too.

Think this sounds like a Lingo quiz you'd be interested in? Let's start you off with some basic Georgia lingo to see if it's ringing a bell for you or not. We're talking sweetened tea, coke, Spaghetti Junction, Peachtree streets, high trucks, Zax sauce, the UGA dawgs, "gussies up", Fayetteville, fried okra and green tomatoes, humidity, grits, boiled peanuts, and Krystal's. If you want to stand a chance at passing this quiz, let alone acing it, then a whole lot of that lingo better have sounded familiar! Don't worry if it didn't though... has a plethora of trivia and lingo quizzes for you to choose from. So go ahead, get started! You might even ace some quizzes.