Here are the Best Taylor Swift Evermore Lyrics to Caption All Your IG Posts

Taylor Swift, evermore
"Willow" music video via UMG (on behalf of TS/Republic)

"'Tis the damn season."

In a year that has already had many twists and turns, we’ve just been shown that it can and it will continue to surprise us. Or at least Taylor Swift can and will. In the eleventh hour (twelfth month…?) of 2020, Swift has shocked the world again with a second surprise quarantine album release. Yes, a second surprise album, and her ninth studio album.

If you’re feeling down about not accomplishing things during quarantine, knock that off! And be glad that Taylor Swift is doing enough for all of us! Seriously though, how is she doing it? Between beginning the process of re-recording her original songs to gain control of the masters (after some Scooter Braun drama), lending her re-recorded music to a hilarious new Ryan-Reynolds-backed commercial, and yeah, basking in her last quarantine album, she somehow found the time to release another album.

One that is lauded for it’s ingenuity, experimentation, hidden references, Easter eggs and beautiful stories, to boot. Some are even theorizing that Swift may be marrying boyfriend Joe Alwyn soon and alludes to it in this new album. Somehow, Taylor always knows how to string together words so eloquently. Instead of trying to attempt to string together your own instagram caption, just go ahead and use Taylor’s genius. Here are 23 Evermore lyrics to use as Instagram captions.

"'Tis the Damn Season" Instagram Captions

  • "'Tis the damn season."
  • "The holidays linger like a bad perfume."
  • "And the road not taken looks real good now."
  • “I'm stayin' at my parents' house.”

"Marjorie” Instagram Captions

  • "The autumn chill that wakes me up."
  • "Never be so clever you forget to be kind."
  • "Never be so kind you forget to be clever."

"Coney Island" Instagram Captions

  • "'Cause we were like the mall before the internet it was the one place to be. The mischief, the gift-wrapped suburban dreams."

"Evermore" Instagram Captions

  • “Gray November, I've been down since July."
  • "Hey December, guess I'm feeling unmoored."

"Closure" Instagram Captions

  • "I'm fine with my spite and my tears, and my beers and my candles."

"Cowboy Like Me" Instagram Captions

  • "Dancin' is a dangerous game."

"No Body, No Crime" Instagram Captions 

  • "Good thing my daddy made me get a boating license when I was fifteen."

"Long Story Short" Instagram Captions

  • "I always feel like I must look better in the rearview."

Willow Instagram Captions

  • “Rough on the surface, but you cut through like a knife”
  • “The more that you say, the less I know”
  • “Wreck my plans, that's my man,”
  • "I'm begging for you to take my hand...wreck my plans, that's my man."

“Champagne Problems” Instagram Captions

  • “Your hometown skeptics called it.”

“Gold Rush” Instagram Captions

  • “What must it be like to grow up that beautiful?”

“Tolerate It” Instagram Captions

  • “Now I'm begging for footnotes in the story of your life.” - "Lay the table with the fancy shit."

"Happiness" Instagram Captions

  • "You haven't met the new me yet."
  • “I haven't met the new me yet.”

“Dorothea” Instagram Captions

  • “From you I'd buy anything.”

“Ivy” Instagram Captions

  • “Grieving for the living.”
  • “I'd meet you where the spirit meets the bones”
  • “Your touch brought forth an incandescent glow”