14 Delightful Pennsylvania Products and Gifts For Pennsylvanians

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Products All Pennsylvanians Will Love

First things first, we know you PA natives have a lot of love for Pennsylvania! And why shouldn't you? This state is pretty amazing! You're masters of hoagies, soft pretzels and obviously, cheesesteak.

With winter coming up, you might want to consider some of these Pennsylvania products from Amazon for the Pennsylvanians in your life (and if that's you, then treat yo self)! We've gone ahead and curated a list of Pennsylvania products, either directly PA related, or perfect for weather PA's cold temps this winter!

PA's a special place, partly because of all the amazing people in it... so treat a Pennsylvanian in your life to one of these PA products!

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This Clever Bamboo Pennsylvania Bamboo Cutting Board

Buy It On Amazon.com $29.95

Who would have thought the shape of Pennsylvania also makes a perfect cutting board? The cutting board even has a hole drilled in the top to make display even easier and would be perfect to serve up snacks on during a Steelers game.

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A Heartfelt Pennsylvania Wanderlust Box Sign

Buy It On Amazon.com $12.32

This cute, shadow-box style design shows off your love for PA perfectly! It measures 8.5 x 6-inches and comes in a black distressed style frame with the state name hand lettered on the side.

A nice surprise? The heart comes with adhesive and you can place it wherever you want.

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This Holiday-Ready S'mores "Pennsylvania" Ornament

Buy it on Amazon $13.95

This cute, festive ornament is the perfect way to celebrate your home state on your tree this Christmas! This ornament measures 1 3/4" l. X 1 1/2" w. X 2 1/2" h. Small, but cute.

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A Thirsty Pennsylvania Beer Cap Map

Buy It On Amazon.com $35.99

Have a bare wall in desperate need of some decoration? Look no further than this Pennsylvania Beer Cap Trap. This wall decoration is 21"x12" and ¼" thick and can fit 75 beer caps.

You can set to filling it up with local Pennsylvania (Yuengling anyone?) beer caps or any beer caps that catch your fancy. Sure to make a great addition to any wall.

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A Delightful Homesick Pennsylvania Scented Candle

Buy It On Amazon.com $59.99

A candle brand called Homesick makes a variety of state-scented candles. The notes you can find in this candle will allow you to reminisce over a perfect day in PA with notes of caramel, maple, buttery rum, and malty molasses balanced with dark cocoa and dry tonka bean.

But each state candle has a unique smell, so be sure that the PA smell appeals to you! These might just be the perfect accompaniment to a cold day spent inside with hot cider and warm blankets!

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This Super Cute Pennsylvania Bluetooth Train Set

Buy It On Amazon.com $299.99

Champion of the rails, the Pennsylvania Flyer includes a remote control for easy operation and walk-around fun. A powerful 0-8-0 leads the rugged freight smoothly around a full 40"x 60" oval track and seems like fun for kids and adults alike!

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What Else? A Practical Pennsylvania Popsocket

Buy It On Amazon.com $14.99

Some people feel pretty strongly that popsockets make using smartphones even easier. And now you can make using your smartphone easier, while also repping PA!

This popsocket is especially festive for the state since it features a white outline of PA against a black background. Stylish and effective!

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This Cozy Sherpa Warm And Soft Throw Blanket

Buy It On Amazon.com $21.99

Stay warm all winter long with this super soft and warm throw blanket for couches and beds! This reversible throw comes in at least a dozen colors to match any decor. Long, cold nights don't sound so bad when you have a toasty warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa, do they? This product also is available on Amazon Prime (making returns easy).

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These Super-Chill (Windproof) Smartphone Gloves

Buy It On Amazon.com $15.99

Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone has a smartphone, which is great until winter comes and you have to choose between numb fingers or using your touch screen.

These smartphone gloves give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to maintain some warmth in your hands and text at the same time.

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This #1 Seller Cool Tool Snow Brush

Buy It On Amazon.com $8.48

Another sad reality of living in a state with winters as cold as Pennyslvania's are, is that you need a snow scraper every now and then. It's funny to think that people in southern states don't even know what a snow scraper is (no, seriously they don't). But it's best to be prepared for any type of weather and this highly rated snow scraper fits perfectly in your car.

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This Therapeutic Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

Buy It On Amazon.com $36.80

This microwavable corn filled heating pad is seriously pretty nice. Simple, yet effective, the product description states that it is "specially made for Therapeutic Use - Hot or Cold! Perfect for muscle aches, cramps, headaches, arthritis, pains, sports injuries, warming up the bed covers at night, or letting the kids snuggle with one as they fall asleep!"

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But Of Course, Some Heavenly Hot Chocolate

Buy It On Amazon.com $14.99

This is just for convenience's sake. Sure, you could trek to the store and get some Swiss Miss packets of hot cocoa, but you could also have a Godiva Chocolatier canister of rich hot chocolate delivered to your door, ready and waiting to be made up on cold, snowy days… your choice!

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And If You're Not Into Hot Cocoa, Try Some Steaming Hot Cider

Buy It On Amazon.com $24.99

If Godiva hot chocolate just isn't your thing, then you should consider ordering some cider mix instead! This 4 pack of The Original Aspen Mulling Cider Spice is perfect for making hot apple cider, but also can be easily added to baking mixes. Stock up before winter officially arrives.

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Lastly, For The True Pennsylvania Local, This PA Pandora Charm Bracelet

Buy It On Amazon.com $24.99

For the true PA lover in your life!