Kentucky Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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You think you can pass this quiz? Bless your heart!

This quiz tests your knowledge on everything about Kentucky and the local slang, traditions, and favorite local foods. Think you can pass?

 Sep 15, 2018
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How would you describe the popular dish called “Burgoo”?
It’s like a cheeseburger
It’s like a spicy stew
It’s pretty similar to mashed potatoes
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What's that popular Kentucky sandwich (the one with Mornay sauce on it) called?
A Tartine
A Hot Brown
A Jumping Larry
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What’s the proper way to pronounce Louisville?
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You’ve definitely had to be on the lookout for which aggressive animal before?
Wild turkey
Polar bears
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What color do you bleed for Wildcats basketball?
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What are the best potato chips in Kentucky?
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You can probably find some deals and steals at which event at the beginning of every summer?
400 Mile Sale on Highway 68
Louisville “Everything Must Go” Slug Off
Red Hot Kentucky Tag Sale
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What do you call those carts at grocery stores?
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What phrase do you sometimes use to express sympathy, concern, or maybe even an insult?
Bless your soul!
Oh, bless me!
Bless your heart!
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If someone asks where you’re from, you might not say the city, but the:
Water Tower
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What game is a favorite to play at tailgates and barbecues?
Disc Golf
Ultimate frisbee
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In these parts, you don’t even need to say it, your tea will always be:
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What are a lot of the streets in Lexington named after?
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Speaking of presidents, which famous one was born in Kentucky?
Abraham Lincoln
Dwight Eisenhower
Ronald Reagan
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If you're drinking "Wild Turkey" what are you actually drinking?
A cranberry milkshake
A particular brand of bourbon whiskey
A rootbeer float
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Which Kentucky ginger ale is your go-to?
Canada Dry
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Meanwhile, what’s a Brown Betty?
A female tourist
A sweet dessert made with apples
A person who's up to no good
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What type of bat is Louisville famous for?
A slugger
A thumper
A home-runner
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What’s Kentucky known as?
The Twangy State
The Country State
The Bluegrass State
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How are you addressing a big group of people?
All y'alls
Youse guys
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What is "Churchhill Downs"?
The racetrack where the Kentucky Derby is held
A huge church group throughout Kentucky
A popular shopping center in Lexington
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