Are You Iowa Enough To Decipher ALL This IA Lingo? Bet Not!

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Can you say I-O-W-A!

Take this fun 18 question quiz on all things Iowa trivia, lingo and foods to prove that you're a true Hawkeye State local. Think you're up to it?

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Calling all Iowa locals! Here's your chance to prove that you know the Hawkeye State like only a local can and would. Seriously, if you've spent your whole life in Iowa, you might not even realize how much lingo or how many quirks your little state has. But, transplants and Iowa ex-pats alike realize just how unique Iowa is and how unique every state is. To any non-Iowa local, words like "de-tasseling," "Casey's" "Hy-Vee" and acronyms like ANF mean nothing at all. It's a complete mystery to them. But to you, it's commonplace lingo that you use in your day to day. Not to mention that films like "A Field Of Dreams" and actors like John Wayne and Ashton Kutcher mean something extra to you, since they also hail from the Hawkeye State. Calling the same state home really manages to create a bond between people. If you've ever traveled away from Iowa, you've probably felt a sense of relief in finding another Iowan to talk to and bond with. Local traditions, phrases, favorite foods and so much more completely tie into your central identity. And if it's not identity-based, geo quizzes that you're looking for, then don't fret it because has a plethora of trivia quizzes on a wide array of subjects from general knowledge, spelling, grammar, science, vocabulary, sports, cuisines, world countries, and so, so much more. So go ahead, take your pick and enjoy a nice three minute break from your otherwise chaotic day. You deserve it!

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