Iowa Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Think you can pass this quiz about the Hawkeye State?

This quiz tests your knowledge on everything about Iowa, whether it's food, culture, or slang and determines if you know everything a local would.

 Sep 08, 2018
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"RAGBRAI" is actually a ________________.
week-long bike ride across Iowa
nickname for people from outside of Iowa
triathlon held in Iowa
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It’s not just the heat that makes summer weather sweltering, it’s the ________ too.
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If you have to stop for groceries, you’ll probably visit which midwest chain?
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At what event can you find a double ferris wheel and a cow made of butter?
The Iowa State Fair
The Hawkeyes’ season opening game
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“It should be knee high by the Fourth of July” refers to what?
Pool water
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How would you describe a “Maid-Rite”?
A delicious loose meat sandwich
A tasty vanilla milkshake
Chocolate cake that is always “made right”
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And how would you describe a “scotcheroo”?
A classic Iowan dance
Isn’t that a brand of tape?
A treat made of peanut butter, chocolate and Rice Crispies
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Hy-Vee’s well-known slogan is “A helpful smile ___________.”
in every aisle
across every mile
for each and every child
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You know you can get a butterburger and concrete from which fast food chain?
Burger King
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What do you call sweet, carbonated drinks?
RC Cola
Soda Pop
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Sometimes, a traffic slow down is completely due to a ______ on the road.
Golf cart
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If you’re a _____ you should definitely apply to the University of Iowa’s world class workshop to perfect your craft.
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Along interstate 80, you are likely to see the worlds largest:
Corn stalk
Truck stop
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If you’re a Hawkeyes fan, you probably hate the ______, given the big rivalry.
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All eyes are on Iowa during election years because of what?
The caucuses
The Iowa early election
The famous state fair
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What animal outnumbers people in Iowa?
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You can't help but cringe if you ever hear anyone pronounce Des Moines:
Dez Moynes
Doze Moyne
Da Moyne
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What fun amusement and water park is in Altoona, Iowa?
The Dells
Adventureland Park
Worlds of Fun
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People across Iowa and other parts of the Midwest travel to visit which lake during the summer?
Lake Red Rock
Lake Sugema
Lake Okoboji
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What is Iowa known as?
The Hawkeye State
The Corn State
The Butter State
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