Are You Iowa Enough To Ace This Impossible Iowa Quiz? Bet Not!

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It's not all about corn... we swear!

This quiz tests your knowledge on everything about Iowa, whether it's food, culture, or slang and determines if you know everything a local would.

 Dec 14, 2018
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Hey there, Iowa natives! This quiz was literally made for you! That's right. This twenty question Iowa quiz was handcrafted for Iowa locals like yourself. And hey, it's okay if you're not an Iowa local. Maybe you're an Iowa enthusiast, tourist, or frequent visitor. We can't blame you for loving the Hawkeye State. There's so much to love about this Midwestern state. People from other parts of the United States often lump together all the midwestern "flyover states" together. They have no idea how much personality and unique charm each and every state has. And that's not even talking about how much lingo and slang Iowa natives have. And how much pride they have for all the various sports teams. There's so much to learn about Iowa! Seriously, this state is nothing like it's neighbors: Nebraska, Illinois or Missouri, so don't even think about lumping them all together.

Not an Iowa native, local, or enthusiast? Well has good news for you! There is a plethora of geography quizzes ranging every single state in the United States from California to Maine, and everything in between (including Hawaii and Alaska). If you live here, has a quiz for it!

That being said, if you're still not in the mood for a state quiz, there are hundreds more to explore. has quizzes spanning dozens of topics like grammar, spelling, vocabulary and science. Your brain will be thanking you for this brief, yet fun mental escape from your hectic day. We can't promise that you'll get a perfect score or breeze through these tricky quizzes, but we can promise you'll have a great time. Now go ahead and get started!

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