Indiana Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Do you know Indiana as well as you think you do?

This quiz tests your knowledge on everything about Indiana, from food to sports to local universities. Prove your Indiana knowledge here!

 Nov 25, 2018

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Which fast food chain is a particular favorite in Indiana?
In’n’out Burger
Steak n’ Shake

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If your family wants to play Euchre, you'll have to get out the:

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Come spring, you might just be hunting for what?

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Every May, you're pumped for which huge Indiana event?
The Brickyard 400
The Indy 500
The Start of Summer Statewide Parade

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Everyone from Indiana knows that "Holiday World" refers to:
Visiting Disney World over Christmas vacation
An amazing theme park with sections for each holiday
A creamery with flavors for each holiday

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Which lake are the Indiana Dunes located on?

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"Jim can you get the _____ out? We've got company coming later and I want the house clean!"

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The State Fair is packed with all types of amazing food! And you can count on a lot of it to be:

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In Indiana, it's not uncommon for a traffic slow down to be due to which of these vehicles?
A zamboni
A golf cart
A tractor

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If you were offered puppy chow, you'd say:
Sure, I’m thirsty!
Eww, I don’t eat dog food!
Absolutely, what a delicious snack!

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"Hoo hoo hoo _________."

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It's pretty common for people in Western Indiana to commute to work in which city?
Ann Arbor

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Which of these games is great to play at tailgates and at barbecues?
Disc hockey
Frisbee golf

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Oddly enough, a real town named ______ exists in Indiana.
Buzz Lightyear
Pumpkin Pie
Santa Claus

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If you see the Boilermaker Special or Pete, you know you're at:
Indiana University Bloomington
Purdue University
University of Notre Dame

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"She grew up small and she grew up right, with them Indiana boys, on them Indiana nights." is a famous song lyric from:
Tom Petty
Justin Beiber
Taylor Swift

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Which of these universities is NOT located in Indiana?
Purdue University
University of Notre Dame
Kent State University

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And which of these tasty pies is particular to Indiana and other parts of the Midwest?
Shoofly Pie
Sugar Cream Pie
Key Lime Pie

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If someone calls you a hoosier, they're calling you what?
Someone who moved to Indiana
An Indiana tourist
An Indiana native
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