Illinois Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Are you really an Illinois native? Prove it.

This quiz tests your knowledge on everything about Illinois, like deep dish, weather, and Portillo's. Prove that you know all the Illinois lingo!

 Oct 11, 2018
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You can't help but cringe if you ever hear anyone:
Pronounces the s in Illinois
Ask for another slice of deep dish
Say they love Illinois
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When you say “the City” which one are you referring to?
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Sometimes, a traffic slow down is completely due to a ______ on the road.
Golf Cart
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“It should be knee high by the Fourth of July” refers to what?
Pool water
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You can count on a delicious Italian beef and hot dogs at which fast food chain?
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You’ve probably taken a trip to which theme park?
Knott’s Berry Farm
Six Flags
Worlds of Fun
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Which game is great to play at tailgates and at barbecues?
Frisbee golf
Disc hockey
Cornhole / bags
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If you’re in Southern Illinois you probably visit which big city more than Chicago?
New York City
St. Louis
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What do you call a sugary, carbonated beverage?
RC Cola
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Illinois is famous for pizza that needs to be eaten with:
A spoon
A bib
A knife and fork
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In some parts of Illinois, this holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of March:
Cesar Chavez Day
Casimir Pulaski Day
Aretha Franklin Day
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Which famous president grew up in Springfield?
Richard Nixon
Abraham Lincoln
James Madison
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Which football team are you forever loyal to?
Da Bears
Da Cubs
Da Wolves
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There’s no college town quite like:
Urbana / Champaign
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Sometimes, you cross over into which state for some Fourth of July Fireworks?
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You’ve probably taken a picture at least once with which giant metallic vegetable sculpture in Chicago?
The Asparagus
The Potato
The Bean
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Which of the following is NOT a nickname for Illinois?
The Noisey State
The Land of Lincoln
The Prairie State
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If you have to grab some groceries, you might stop at which of these stores?
Fred Meyer's
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Which midwestern fast food chain is known for butterburgers and frozen custard?
In'n'out Burger
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