This Is The Toughest Chicago Trivia Quiz Yet. Can You Pass?

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Don't call yourself a local, unless you can pass, that is.

Tricky Chicago trivia quiz asking questions about street names, sports teams, favorite foods and more. Can you pass?

 Mar 11, 2019

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Before making it to SNL, many comedians get their start at which of these comedy clubs?
The Second City
Chi Improv
Windy City Comedy

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Chicagoans used to be able to go to _______ on State Streets for amazing Christmas window displays. Macy's now continues the tradition.
Marshall Fields

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Which Chicago Street actually has addresses that are North, South, West and East?

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How did Chicago get the nickname, Windy City?
Because of the Lake Effect
Because of how windy and gusty the city is
Because of the winded promises of the politicians

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Which Chicago fountain shares a name with a London Castle?

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What does the Chicago Crosstown Classic refer to?
The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox
The rivalry between Lou Malnati's and Giordano's
The rivalry between Loyola Chicago and the University of Chicago

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Who was to the famous Gangster shot snd killed outside the Biograph Theatre?
Mugsy Malone
John Dillinger
Al Capone

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What animals stand guard at the entrance of the Art Institute?

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Which famous movie showed off Chicago?
"Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
"The Breakfast Club"
"Sixteen Candles"

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ALL Chicago addresses are based on which intersection?
State and Madison
Michigan and Chicago
Illinois and Lake Shore Drive

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Meigs Field was:
The original Home of da Bears
A waterfront airport
The field that was used for Maxwell Street Market

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How many S's in the name of the Bear's football stadium?

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What is a gangway?
A term for the door of a city bus
The narrow platform on the sides of trains
The narrow walkway between 2 really close houses

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Which of these presidents does NOT have a local highway named for them?
Dwight Eisenhower
John F Kennedy
Franklin D Roosevelt

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Every summer millions in Chicago attend the outside food festival called:
The Foodie Festival
The Feast
The Taste

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What is the longest street in the city?
LeSalle Street
Wells Drive
Western Avenue

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Which of these structures from the burned district was one of the *very* few to remain standing after the Great Chicago Fire?
Palmer House
The Water Tower
St. James Cathedral

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Where is Old Town?
Addison Street
Wells Street
Ohio Street

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And of course, any loyal Chicagoan drinks:
Old Style
Spotted Cow
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