A Real Chicago Native Can Name ALL These Iconic Landmarks. Can YOU?

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How well do you really know the Windy City?

Do you really know all the beautiful sights and landmarks of Chicago, AKA the Windy City? Then prove it!

 Nov 16, 2018
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Chicago native, lover, and expert? Well here's your chance to prove it on this Windy City landmarks quiz. If you can ace this quiz by getting eighteen questions out of eighteen correct, that means you truly know Chicago, Illinois! Lots of people love the city, but how well does everyone really know it, and can they actually name each popular landmark by nothing but one photo clue? Women.com is the perfect destination for a quick mental escape in the form of two minute quizzes! Whether you're taking a geographical quiz about your favorite city or home state, it's a chance to show what you know! And that extends to science, religion, mathematics, geography, general knowledge trivia, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar! Women.com has fun eighteen question, two-minute question quizzes on this wide range of topics, and nothing is more fun than sharing the quiz and seeing how friends and family's scores compare to yours! Sometimes, you might be surprised and expected to see how much you know on a topic! These two minute mental breaks are a great addition to your busy day. So if you're a general knowledge whiz, a detail-oriented grammarian, a word and vocabulary enthusiast, or a science geek, then this just might be the site for you! And that includes if you've just got a lot of hometown pride... Here's your chance to prove yourself, so don't let it go to waste. Sit back, relax, and ace this quiz! Then, share it with your friends and family... after all, you earned that great score!

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