Arkansas Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Can you go full hog on this quiz?

This quiz tests your knowledge on everything about Arkansas and determines if you truly belong in this beautiful state.

 Aug 29, 2018
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Typically, ___________ sales are prohibited on Sundays in Arkansas.
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What is Arkansas nickname?
The Garden State
The Natural State
The Second Kansas
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Which of these fish do you usually see on the menu?
Cat fish
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Arkansas is the home to the only working _____ mine in the United States.
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Which area have you travelled to for some summer fun?
Lake Tahoe
The Ozarks
Lake Okoboji
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You’re a big fan of the Razorbacks who are really:
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And you’ll always be wearing _____ on a Saturday for them
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What famous store was founded in Arkansas?
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What was the Dogpatch USA?
A large dog park
An unsuccessful theme park
An abandoned town
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Some people might be surprised to learn there’s a lot of good _____ food in AR.
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Which Arkansas monument is described as “our milk carton with arms"?
Christ of the Ozarks
Popeye’s Town
McGee Monument
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What kind of sandwich do you eat with mustard and pickles?
Pork tenderloin sandwich
Turkey reuben
Meatball marinara
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What sweet sauce do you sometimes put on your morning biscuits?
Nutella mustard
Chocolate gravy
Cinnamon relish
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If you order a coke, it refers to:
Specifically the brand Coca Cola
Any brand of soft drink
A diet soda
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Which color has traditionally been used to mark private property?
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What 2-story structure is Booger hollow famous for?
A boat
An outhouse
A tractor
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Which president was born in Arkansas?
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
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How do you address a big group of people?
Hey everybody
Youse guys
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What do you call that last meal of the day?
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What are the Dover Lights?
Unexplained lights seen at night near Dover, Arkansas
Colored light bulbs in houses in Dover, Arkansas
Festivals showcasing Christmas displays
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