ONLY Locals Can Score At Least 15/18 on This Arizona Lingo Quiz. Can You?

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Whoa, did you get a look at that haboob?

Ace this 18 question Arizona quiz on lingo and trivia like snowbirds, haboobs and hot weather to prove you know Arizona like a true local.

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Only a born and bred Arizona native will be able to pass this trivia test with flying colors without cheating. Do you really think you're Arizona enough to get a perfect score on this Copper State quiz? Do you speak enough Arizona slang to know the answers to all these questions? Think you're state savvy enough to answer every single question correctly? Prove it and make your home state proud by stepping up to the plate and accepting our ultimate Arizona state challenge! Do you know who the Sun Devils are or what adobe is? Do you know what comes on a Sonoran hot dog? Do you know what it means to call someone a snowbird or what a haboob is? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then this is the perfect geo-identity quiz for you! has tons of fun trivia challenges that will put your knowledge of your home state to the ultimate test. Answer questions about your home state's slang, lingo, food, customs, culture, cities, state capitals, street names, dialect, accent, claims to fames, local attractions, tourist traps, buildings, parks, geography, and more! Prove you're a true native by getting a perfect score. Can you really call yourself a certified local, or are you just a tourist? Only one way to find out! What are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show off your state pride with this general knowledge test only true locals could pass! Best of luck to you on this test!

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