Arizona Lingo... Yeah That's A Thing! How Many Words Do You Know?

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Think you know the local language?

Think you know Arizona like only a true local does? Then ace this 18 question lingo quiz that’s all about the Copper State. Good luck!

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Well, hey there! If you're here on this quiz, odds are that you must have some type of connection to the great state of Arizona, because newsflash: this quiz is ALL about Arizona lingo, slang, trivia and more. Not from Arizona? Well, hopefully you're a frequent Arizona tourist or visitor because otherwise you are most definitely in the wrong place. This 18 question quiz is the perfect platform for you to flaunt all of your Copper State knowledge, assuming that you have any.

As you know, Arizona is all heat, all the time. Except for those parts that get snow. But that's a whole other story. Do you keep oven mitts in your car for those hot, hot, hot summer days? Have you baked cookies on your dashboard? Or maybe fried an egg on the sidewalk pavement? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you're shaping up to sound like a bona fide local. Some might say, oh don't worry, it's just a dry heat here, but does that really make those summer days any better? When the thermometer is hitting triple digits, and then some, dry or humid heat doesn't make too much of a difference. Not to mention you have to be on the lookout for haboobs, scorpions, cactus, tumbleweeds and so much more. But you're still pretty lucky to be so close to the Grand Canyon (or the Big Ditch as some of you locals cheekily call it). If you're outdoorsy, into hiking, and okay with some soaring temps, then it's no wonder that Arizona is the place for you.

If all of this sounded pretty familiar to you, then you're probably ready to take this Arizona quiz and ace it. Good luck!

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