Should We Divorce? Pros and Cons To Consider Before Filing


Read through these pros and cons to help guide your decision.

The decision to get divorced is to be measured numerous times before taken finally. The truth is that the end of a marriage will bring irreversible consequences to your life and the matter of things in your family. This is why considering pros and cons of divorce before finalizing your choice is a must on your list. You have to analyze closely the marriage vs divorce perspectives and the outcomes you will face heading to each of the points. The scenario which seems to be the most suitable for your future should be applied in the end. Prioritize your personal and your family wellness, and your decision can make everyone happy eventually.

List of the Pros of Getting a Divorce

Although the end of the marriage is deprived of any fun and pleasantries, the significant benefits of divorce cannot be underestimated. For many couples and families, the divorce is a relief, a chance for a better life, luck of sudden happiness. Here are some details on what good the termination of marriage can bring you.

The End to Abusive or Toxic Relationships

If you are in any kind of abusive or toxic relationship, divorce will become a safety ring for you. When your partner harasses you openly or manipulates you discreetly and aims to control your every step, the marriage ending will grant you a chance to breathe out and live a life with no fear or tyranny. More than you are scared about your wellness or your kids’ safety due to your partner’s unsteady behavior, you have no reasons to keep ties with such a person but aim for divorce and restrictive orders as quickly as possible.

Endless Freedom

Divorce is also a kind of freedom for some people. In a marriage, you always have to count on your partner and children, their plans, schedules, and desires. So the divorced life is a possibility to implement anything you have always wished for but hadn’t had an opportunity or time to do so. You can try out new hobbies, travel solo, practice different religions, or meditation. You can alter your routine to suit your own needs and preferences. And there will be no one to restrain you from making your intentions come true.

New Dating Experience

The end of your marriage brings you back into the dating pool. This may seem challenging and confusing at the beginning. But you grab a possibility to feel loved and cared about again. The realization that you can attract someone can be a great self-esteem boost. In addition, dating someone is fun at any age. It will grant you new emotions, experiences, and a chance to feel happy again.

More Time For Kids

One of the unexpected positives of divorce is the opportunity to spend more time and effort on relationships with your children. The best option for kids is a full family indeed. But when parents are in constant arguments and poison the life of each other and the whole family, divorced parents are a better alternative then. Being free from your partner, you will reduce time wasted on different confrontations and allow you to spend more time with your children instead. Still, don’t try to get closer to your kids by blackening your ex; the outcomes may be the opposite ones.

A Chance for More Compatible Partner

If you are unhappy in your marriage from the very beginning because you and your spouse are not the best matches, what’s the point of staying in the relationship? The end of relationships will bring you the benefit of starting over on the romantic side. This way, you will have a chance to find a more compatible partner for you.

Yet, one cannot deny that divorce can be a damaging event in your life and bring negative consequences if you do not treat it well.

List of the Cons of Getting a Divorce

You should also be aware of arguments against divorce and get prepared for them before you decide to terminate your marriage. There's no denying that divorce is far from a pleasant process with similar results for many.

Extra Stress for the Children

The primary pitfall to mention is that divorce can be a huge stress for children. Not only do adults find it difficult to overcome the divorce, but their kids find divorce as a top destructive event in their life. Constant arguments and discussion of a broken family and ended relationships they witness harm them emotionally. In addition, children have often been torn apart between two households, two sets of rules, and two schedules. Additionally, many divorcees have to move their homes, causing children to lose their friends and change school, which are significant burdens for children of any age.

Financial Challenges

Financial hurdles are considered one of the biggest disadvantages of getting a divorce. No matter how much effort you put in to end your marriage on a budget, you will still end up spending a good amount of money.

Family attorney, mediator, filing and serving processes, hearings, and many more are to make a long expenses list. Plus, you will no longer rely on the mutual income and should consider earning more on your own to manage the household and parenting. Although you can also rely on child and spousal support, it still won’t solve all the financial challenges the divorcee is to face.

Family and Friends Split

With a divorce, you will not only lose your partner but also possibly the relatives and friends who will choose their side. Even if you manage to keep ties straight after divorce, eventually, your partner’s family and friends could drift apart from you.

On the contrary, this will reveal your true supporters who are ready to stand by your side in difficult times, respect your choice, and wish you only the best. In the end, if the people are not ready to support and honor your decision, what is the point of keeping them close?

Emotional Burden

No matter how well you are prepared for the divorce, how much you want your failed marriage to come to an end, how peaceful the process goes, you are not a hundred percent saved from the emotional hurdle divorce can bring you eventually.

Although your marriage is gone, there will still be good and bad memories, mutual children, gifts, and common purchases that will remind you that you have lost something.

Then there may come fears of being forever lonely, of never being able to love and find another partner, of lacking self-confidence and support in life. This can eventually lead you into depression and self-destructive mode. This is why you should be alert and make sure you have someone to rely on through the marriage-ending process and long afterward. There can be close relatives and friends who are ready to stand by your side and support you when necessary. In the end, there is always either free or paid professional assistance you should reach for to minimize the divorce burden in your life.

All in all, divorce is a controversial event. It can change your life for the better and ruin the future of your kids simultaneously. It can bring you relief in the beginning and lead you into depression eventually. It can grant you full freedom but overload you with new responsibilities at the same time. The best thing for you to do is to carefully analyze, realize and count all possible consequences of divorce and make the best decision for your case. If you still opt to terminate your marriage, this will allow you to get prepared for the process itself and future results in advance. So, when the time comes, you will have everything arranged for you to find happiness after divorce with no hurdles.

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