What To Pack For Lunch On Your First Day Of Work

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Not sure what to pack for lunch on your first day of work? We have you covered.

The first day at a new job is always tough, so you need to know what to pack for lunch on your first day of work. But if it's you're not sure what to pack for lunch on your first day of work, don't worry. What to pack for lunch on your first day of work is up to you, because there are plenty of lunch options for work that will fit right in a new office. You don't want to start a new job by stinking out the office with a fish fillet, but it's easy to pack a lunch for work that is easy to travel with. Whether you're trying to stay fit and healthy or you want to indulge, there's no reason can't make it work at the office.

The most important things to remember are that you want something easy to eat quickly— your first days often involve a lot of running around— and something that you don't need to fridge or heat up. Suss out the situation at the office before you start bringing more complicated items— there will be plenty of time for the later. You may even want to consider bringing something that you can have for dinner, as sometimes your new team will want to surprise with a lunch at a restaurant on your first day.

So don't stress about it, just stick to the basics. Here are the best lunches to pack for your first day.

Trying Staying Simple And Pack A Sandwich On Your First Day


OK, it's not super exciting— but simplicity is key, remember? A classic ham and cheese sandwich or hummus and veggie sandwich will sort you right out. Throw in a bag of chips to bulk out the whole meal, though you may spend your whole first day worrying if you're crunching too loud. Yikes. I've totally been there.

First Day At A New Office? A Wrap Will Let You Eat On The Move


Wraps are delicious, easy to pack, and you can fill them with anything you would put in a sandwich. The ultimate grab-and-go.

A Salad Starts Off A New Job On The Right Foot


Your first day at a new place, you're probably going to want to feel like you're making good choices. A salad on your first day will give you some great brainfood, plus you can feel smug while you're eating your lettuce— just be sure to pack it with enough protein to get through the day. Think meats, cheeses, seeds, nuts, humus— there are plenty of meat and vegetarian options to make sure you've got the protein pumped up. Just check your teeth after, because salads can get messy.

Meal Plan It To Stay Organized On Your First Day


Have nutrition goals? They don't have to end when you start a new job. Do the organization on Sunday and you can have some hearty and healthy chicken, broccoli, and rice at the ready. And with the right tupperware, you'll stay organized. There are endless meal combinations to choose from and, if you play your cards right, you'll be sorted for the whole first week.

Treat Yourself And Start Your First Day With Pizza


OK, so this definitely doesn't go in the 'healthy packed lunch category'. But first days can be really, really stressful. If you're not feeling salads and wraps on your first day, go ahead and treat yourself to a slice of pizza. Treat your self.

A first day at a new office can be really stressful, so having your lunch sorted will make you feel like you're getting off on the right foot. By planning ahead you can relieve yourself of some of your first day jitters and make sure that you have a lunch that's perfect for grab and go. It can be as healthy or as indulgent as you want— just play around and find the right options for you.

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