13 Quotes From Toddlers That Will Give You The Warm & Fuzzies


They say the darndest things.

I used to work as a nanny and there are a lot of things I don't miss about it. For a start, there were the early, early mornings— arriving to work when it's still dark is the worst. There was also the boredom that comes from reading the same story for the 45th time in a row (they may own 500 books, but they definitely want to hear about Old MacDonald's effing farm again). And of course, the poop. So much poop. But still I miss it sometimes. Why? Well, the adorable kid, of course.

Because hanging out with a two year old all day was pretty awesome. Not only do they have these little sponge brains that absorb everything and you get to watch them learning and growing, but they look at the world in a totally different way. And it's true, that kids say the cutest things in the entire world. The slightly different spin they put on everything means talking to them a total joy— and can make you see things in a totally different way. Some of it is ridiculous, some of it is nonsensical, and sometimes it can be downright cruel— kids have no understanding that they shouldn't lie, so don't ever expect them to sugar coat it. But more often than not, it's enough to make you smile and give you that nice warm, fuzzy feeling. So if you need a pick me up, you can always take a trip down memory lane and listen to words straight from the mouths of babes. They're always ready to make you smile.

"While taking my son for a walk round the park he told me ai had to carry him. When I asked why he said, my feet are bored."

"You know it was a good day if you didn't hit or bite anyone."

"We bought a water 'mister' for our backyard. My son asked 'What do you call it if it's a girl?'"

"When I'm not doing pageants, I sit at home and act like a cat."

"I just can't pick up my toys because my arms are taking a nap."

"From my 5-year-old: 'Why do my little ball things hurt when I squeeze them? They're not even attached to my body.'"

"My twin sons came running to me in a panic... and one of them says, "Ma! I CANNOT SEE MY EYES!"

"I went to see a mortgage advisor with my 7-year-old son. As I sat at the desk, my son sat down and said to the man, 'Hello. I am not her husband.'"

"'Look, Mom! I'm doing Hip Hop!!!' (otherwise known as hopscotch.)"

"Darth Vader is a really crabby guy. I think he lives in Australia."

"My mouth doesn't want to be quiet."

"When you love somebody, you're supposed to tell them."

"When my child came home from school on the bus, I paused the work conference call I was on to ask her how her days was. She responded, 'Shhh go back to work. I have a list of things I want you to buy me with the money you're making.' She's five."

I told you they wouldn't sugar coat it. Kids say it like it is, even if it's guessing your age is 58 when you're 26 (I still haven't really forgiven that one, but they say time heals all wounds, so we'll see). And sometimes it can be nice to think about how kids look at the world. Not only because their words can make you laugh and feel at ease, but also to try and recapture some of that child-like wonder. We can all be far too jaded these days, don't you think?

And sometimes there's wisdom to the simplicity of how children look at things. Without agenda, without complication, they can say it like it is and sometimes remind you to get back to basics in how you approach the world. Also, it's just adorable to watch how they approach things. When they boy I used to nanny wouldn't want to finish his food, he would just pretend it didn't exist— 'Oh no! All gone! Bye peas! Where'd the peas go? All gone!' He even would pretend to look around and under his plate like he couldn't see the peas in front of him. Totally infuriating and also ridiculously cute to see. So if you want a touch of the ridiculous and the simple and just a smile, kids can always give you a dose of what you need.

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