How To Edit Your Snapchat Bitmoji Selfie | Snapchat Profile Picture

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Bitmojis for life.

How to edit your Snapchat bitmoji selfie is actually way easier than you think. If you've ever wondered how to edit your Snapchat bitmoji selfie, then don't worry, because it only takes a basic steps. Before long, you'll be an expert at how to edit your Snapchat bitmoji selfie. And it's easy to see why you would want to. You see your friends with their bitmojis changing outfits all the time— and even adding balding hair! Where did that come from? Well, don't worry. You can do just as many weird things with your bitmoji selfie. And it's not that hard at all.

Really, the hardest part is going to be figuring out what you should wear, because Snapchat gives you so many options. You just need to work out what the right one is for you. And the one problem? It's easy to get addicted. My friend is sending me updated bitmojis about 10 times a day. I don't know how she gets any work done. Seriously, once you get into it then it can be hard to control yourself!

But if you want to figure out how to edit your snapchat bitmoji selfie, it's not hard at all. Here's how Snapchat breaks it down:

1. Edit Your Snapchat Bitmoji Selfie Click The T-Shirt

It really is that simple. "From the Bitmoji app, tap the T-shirt icon at the top of the screen to access Bitmoji Fashion and update your look," Snapchat explains."If your Bitmoji account is linked to Snapchat, you can also go to Snapchat settings and select between the two options: change your outfit or edit your Bitmoji. Once you choose an option, you'll be taken to the Bitmoji app where you can make the necessary updates."

2. Play Around With Eyebrows And Hairs Of Your Snapchat Bitmoji Selfie

You really can change every little part of it— even the damn eyebrows. "When editing your avatar, tap the category menu to see the full list of options," Snapchat says. "Scroll to Eyebrow Color or Beard Color to customize."

3. Any Missing Options?

Seen your friends do some cool things that you still can't find? Try looking through the category to see more. "If you don't see a color or style option that you're looking for in the Avatar Designer, simply scroll down in that category to see more," Snapchat advises. Pretty soon, you'll be customizing every little bit.

See? Updating your Snapchat bitmoji selfie is way easier than you think. So next time someone wants to know how to update your Snapchat bitmoji selfie, you'll be there to help.

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