9 Things Your Boyfriend Does That Are Better Than Sex

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They know just what you need sometimes.

Sure, sex is amazing. Totally amazing. But sometimes, sometimes you just need something a little different.

1. Making You Breakfast In Bed

Especially when you're tired. Or hungover. Or just extra lazy.

2. Being Nice To Your Friends

Talk about a warm and fuzzy feeling. Watching your partner go out of their way to be nice to your peeps is the best.

3. Running A Hot Bath

Some days, it's the one thing you need. The only thing.

4. Getting Your Favorite Delivery

That food. That special food that makes everything better.

5. Giving You A Foot Massage

Or a back massage. It depends where you need it.

6. Washing The Dishes When It's Your Turn


7. Getting Up And Looking For The Remote

When you're already snuggled into the couch it feels like it would be a monumental task.

8. Showing Up With Tampons And Chocolate During Your Period

It's the true way to a woman's heart. Pizza also wouldn't go amiss.

9. Making You Laugh When You're Sad

Even if you're really down, they can somehow get you barreled over with laughter. And it's a great feeling.

There are a lot of things that, depending on your mood, are better than sex. But don't worry— you can always have sex after.

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