9 Heartwarming Pieces Of Advice Every Mom Wants To Tell Her Daughter

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Moms have the best advice, you just have to listen.

Moms are the queens of advice. Tough love, long chats, even when you fight. And they really do just want what's best for you, even when they can't say it.

1. That What You Worry About Now Really Won't Matter Later


Though it seems impossible to believe, who was popular and who-took-who to the semi-formal just won't matter late on. And you probably will only stay in touch with a few of those people anyway.

2. That You Really Will Grow Out Of It


At some point your teeth will be too big, your hair will be horrible, you will look like a gangly baboon. It won't last. It really won't.

3. That Beauty Is On The Inside Anyway


Even as you get older, your obsess over zits, wrinkles. Wrinkles and zits at the same time, which didn't seem possible. But spending time on being more aware, more compassionate, and kinder is so much more important.

4. That Your Quirks Are The Best Thing About You


All of the things that make you unique are so much more important than being like anybody else. You shouldn't feel ashamed to own them.

5. That Heartbreak Is Awful, But Formative

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It will be the worst, worst feeling the first time you go through it. And every time after that. But you'll learn a lot about yourself.

6. That Independence Is More Important Than You Realize


Learn to be on your own. Be happy alone. Support yourself. Explore. Everyone should take the time to do it.

7. Be Grateful And Gracious


It will get you so, so much farther than you realize. And it costs you absolutely nothing.

8. Keep An Eye On What *You* Want


Not your partner, not your friends, not even your parents. Be true to what you want— and nobody else. Because it's not their life.

9. That You Are Enough


Just you. Just as you are now. You don't need to be anything else.

Sometimes they give tough love, sometimes they may not be good at saying it out loud. But someday, you'll realize just how right your mom was. About everything.

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