7 Reasons Why I’m Not Upset About My Breakup

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It might be difficult at first, but there's no need to feel sad about it.

I've had some bad breakups in my time, but I've always been happy they happened. Bad relationships need to end— and they give way to so much more. Here's why I've never been sad about a breakup.

1. No Relationship Is Better Than A Bad Relationship


Science. Fact. Why are people so scared of being alone? Being in a bad relationship is a constant drain, who needs it?

2. It's A Huge Weight Off


If a relationship really isn't working, you have that stress following you around constantly. You know that it has to end, but you're not ready for it to happen. When you finally do, it's like ripping off a bandaid. It was way worse when you thought about it, then when it actually happened.

3. More Pampering Time


Breakup time is the perfect excuse to be really, really self-indulgent. Go all out, make it all about you. You've earned it.

4. And Self Discovery Time


Being single is always a great opportunity to get back in touch with your own roots. Figure out what you want, in life generally and in dating, and how you want to get there. For long periods of my life, I was happy being single because I was figuring my own sh*t out.

5. You Can Do Some Exploring


Yup. I'm all for sowing your wild oats if you're safe, happy, and healthy. And being single means that you can play the field— or at the very least flirt your face off.

6. You're Free For A Better Relationship


With the old one gone, finally there's an opportunity. You're a lot more likely to meet someone and get into the right relationship when you're single. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

7. Because You're Enough


On your own. Just you. You are enough. You don't need to be with anyone or have anything tying you down. You're doing just fine.

Being single is a rewarding, amazing experience. Whether it's a long-term life choice or a post-break up patch, there's nothing to feel sad about.

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