22 Things You Can Do This Summer That Are Better Than Finding A Boyfriend

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Things You Can Do This Summer That Are Better Than Finding A Boyfriend

It can feel like everyone's coupled up once summer's here— especially if you have all those wedding invites coming in. But don't worry, because there are so many ways to spend your summer that are so much better than having a boyfriend. From night out with the girls to relaxing at home, here are a few ideas for the summer that are better than just some summer lovin'!

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1. Take A Road Trip

The memories will last way longer than a summer boyfriend. And maybe you can have a fling along the way.

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2. Make Some Dolla

Spend your summer getting rich— and treating yourself.

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3. Pick Up A New Hobby

Waterskiing? Knitting? Mindfulness drawing? Whatever you've been wanting to try, take the time and try it.

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4. Stay Up All Night Chatting To Your Best Friend

It's time to get it all off your chest.

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5. Visit A New Country

Summer is the perfect time to explore. Find a last minute ticket deal and take off.

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6. Skinny Dip

With friends. With crushes. By yourself. Everyone should do it.

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7. Try Yoga

EVERYONE SHOULD TRY IT. Seriously, you don't have to become an obsessive yogi to get the benefits.

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8. Take 10 Minutes A Day For Self-Care

Learn those skills now and they'll help you for the rest of your life.

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9. Volunteer

It's always a good thing to do. And too many of us don't make enough time for it.

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10. Spend Time With Your Family

Especially parents and grandparents, if you have them. They won't be around forever.

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11. Make A Plan For The Next 12 Months

Plans make things happen— and short term goals are really motivating.

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12. And For The Next Five Years

Long term goals are important too! Once you conquer this summer and the next year, it's time to look ahead.

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13. Host A Bonfire

They're basically what summer is for. That and BBQs, of course.

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14. Say "Yes" To Everything

You'll have more time without a significant other— so why not take advantage? Start saying "yes" to everything— and see where life takes you.

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15. But Leave Time For At Least One Netflix Binge

I mean, you gotta be you, right?

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16. Learn A Language

It's so nice to have another one. And the sooner you learn, the easier it is.

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17. Or A New Instrument

I still kick myself for not sticking with the piano.

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18. Do Some Self Exploration

Physically, I mean. Without a boyfriend, it's a great time to experiment with toys and with yourself. Find out what you really like.

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19. Spend More Time Outdoors

Walking outside is basically the cheapest therapy you can find. Make some time for it every damn day and you'll feel better in the long run.

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20. Read. Read. Read.

Everyone I know is more likely to pick up a book in the summer. Reading is so good for you, so make sure you're fitting it in. And if classic novels aren't your thing, summer is the perfect time to find some trashy beach novels.

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21. Clean Out Your Closet/Apartment/Life

Out with the old, in with the new.

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22. Whatever You Damn Well Please

It's your summer, so do with it whatever the hell you want. Just make sure to have some fun.

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The moral of the story? Do whatever you damn well please. It's your summer.

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