17 Amusing Things You Learn When You Move In With Your Partner

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Weird food habits and gross messes galore!

Moving in with your partner can be an amazing experience— and an eye-opening one. Get ready to get up close and personal in ways you never thought you would before. Here are all the weird things that happen when you move in with a partner.

1. Their Weird Food Habits


So it turns out they like to eat crackers with pickles as a late night snack, who knew?

2. And How Weird Your Food Habits Are


For some reason, they think your peanut butter and cucumber sandwich is weird? What's weird about delicious?

3. How Much Their Socks Look Like Your Socks


From henceforth, there is just one horrific sock pile of horror.

4. Which Of You Is Really The Neat Freak


One of you will definitely find the other messier. And it can cause some tension.

5. That You Can't Hide Your Bodily Functions Forever


Farting, pooping, you might as well let it all out— you can't hide it forever.

6. When You Both Getting Food Poisoning It's The Truest Of All Relationship Bonding


... especially if you only have one bathroom. Things can get dark real quick.

7. That Sharing A Bed Every Night Is Different Than Sharing It Some Nights


You need to get on the same page about the covers, stat. Or neither of you will ever get any sleep.

8. There Never Seems To Be Enough Room For Both Of Your Stuff


And you'll both be convinced the other ones takes up all the storage space.

9. That You Have Different Ideas On How Often You Should Do Laundry


"Aren't those the same socks you wore yesterday?"

10. And Change The Sheets


One of you changes them religiously every week, the other thinks it can go a month. It's a fight to the death.

11. ... And Shower


Oh, so you're just going to skip today?

12. How Nice It Is To Be Able To Share The Tasks


Cooking and cleaning are so much better with two people on it.

13. That You Will Fight To The Death Over Control Of Netflix


You love them. But not enough to miss your shows.

14. And Watching Your Show Without You Is Breakup-Worthy


There is no greater betrayal.

15. How Quickly You Get Used To Each Other's Dirty Gym Laundry


It should gross you out... but it just doesn't, actually. Because you've shared everything else.

16. That You Care More About Your Living Space Because They're In It


Suddenly, you care about having fresh flowers or vacuuming all the time. Without even realizing it, you really upped your game.

17. How Easy It Is


You thought you'd want to kill each other all the time, but actually, it feels totally natural. And great.

Moving in with a partner can be a steep learning curve, but all the weird and gross things that happen, it's totally worth it.

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