14 Under-Appreciated Qualities All Women Should Look For In A Boyfriend

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Because a six-pack isn't going to get you far in the long run.

There are things everybody looks for in a partner. A good sense of humor, compatibility, and a six-pack, just to name a few. But some traits are so much more important than the obvious— so don't look over them.

1. Compassion


Because when you're fighting, it's the one thing that's going to get you through. They'll be on your side even when they disagree with you.

2. Strong Communication Skills


You'll stop problems before they start if you can talk about everything.

3. A Taste For Adventure


In the long run, you'll need to try new things. Better to have someone who's up for it.

4. Humility


It's way overlooked— and will make a partner seem so much more bearable.

5. Silliness


You need to be able to laugh it off. Even the really big, bad things. Being able to make a joke out of anything is a life saver.

6. Thoughtfulness


In the long run, it really is the little things. They make all the difference.

7. Self-Awareness


Someone who can be aware of their own actions— and how those actions affect others— is so important.

8. Financial Saviness


I don't mean they have to be a millionaire. In fact, it doesn't matter how much money they do make. But being aware of money can save a lot of stress.

9. Determination


Someone who will thrive to get the job done, no matter what— they're always a solid bet.

10. Independence


Sure, it's nice that they want to do things with you— a lot of things. But someone who can be their own person within a couple makes sure that you don't lose yourself in the long term.

11. Creativity


Being able to think differently can be a huge asset. In your relationship and in life.

12. Bravery


Because you're going to go into uncharted territory together. It helps.

13. Resourcefulness


Some days you're going to be at your wit's end. You need someone who's going to find a way to pull it all together.

14. Cuddle-ability

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You're going to be sharing a bed with this person, probably for a long time. Someone who doesn't hog the blanket and you can actually sleep next to is a must.

Sure, everyone has their own personal tastes in relationships. But don't just go for the most obvious choices— there are some truly under-rated traits that will do you well in the long run.

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