14 Totally Weird Signs Your Relationship Will Go The Distance

john legend, chrissy tiegen

When you're in it for the long haul.

When you get into a grownup relationship for the first time, it can just feel different. Here's how you know your relationship can go the distance.

1. Everybody Else Sees It Too

Sure, you shouldn't base a relationship on how other people view it— but when everyone else agrees it's normally something special.

2. Your Life Plans Line Up

10 years down the line, what you want to be doing matches up with what they'd like to be doing.

3. Your Strong Fighters

No, not like that. You know how to deal with conflict when it comes up, rather than just yelling and having the same argument over and over and over. You actually resolve your conflicts.

4. You Feel Totally Relaxed Around Each Other

You actually feel like yourself.

5. And The Gross Stuff Doesn't Bother You

Snot? Pimples? Smelly feet? You can put up with it— and actually, it doesn't bother you.

6. You Don't Always Have To Explain Yourself

You're just naturally on the same page.

7. It's Different Than Your Other Relationships

You can just feel that it's more grownup.

8. It's Not All About Passion

Sure, the passion is there. But it needs to be grounded in something so much more. So it feels like the best of both worlds.

9. You Still Feel Giddy

No matter how long you've been together, you still get excited about seeing them.

10. Your Deal Breakers Line up

Those big issue. Those really big, deal-breakers issues— the kind that can tear a relationship apart— don't bother you two.

11. You Get Along With Each Other's Friends

Sure, a relationship can work with that. But it shows a huge compatibility— and makes your lives way easier.

12. You Can Be Quiet Together

It's more important than you think.

13. Communication Comes Naturally

You feel like you can genuinely say anything to them.

14. You're Not Scared About The Long Term

Almost everyone gets freaked out thinking about long-term relationships and the future. But with your partner, it's just makes sense.

Being in a long-term relationship can have it's challenges, but when you know your relationship will go the distance then it all becomes worth it.

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