14 Hilarious Things Women Tell Themselves To Avoid Washing Their Hair

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Because life's too short to wait for your hair to dry.

Everybody has to do it, but it somehow manages to be one of the most annoying tasks in the world. And frankly, there are way too many good excuses to not wash your hair. Let's take a minute to thank the gods of dry shampoo.

1. I'm Working Out Later


You can't get your hair clean if you're just going to get it dirty again, don't be ridiculous! Who cares if you need to be at work in the meantime.

2. I've Got A Date Tomorrow


But what about today? What about today?

3. The Wet Look Is In


Grease does not equal wet. Repeat after me: grease does not equal wet.

4. I Can't Wash It At Night


You can't sleep with wet hair, you'll catch a cold!

5. I Can't Wash It In The Morning


You can't go outside with wet hair, you'll catch a cold! Wait...

6. It Helps Your Do Stay In Place


Maybe if you skip one day, but when you skip three...?

7. This Is Why Dry Shampoo Was Invented


It wasn't invented to be used five times in a week. Sorry.

8. I'm Wearing Athletisure


I know you think it look like you've just been working out. But it doesn't... it just doesn't.

9. We Wash Our Hair Too Much Anyway


This one is actually probably true. The only problem is, you've trained your hair to be greasy. So now it is greasy.

10. It's Just Brunch With My Bestie


They'll understand, sure. And you're convinced you'll wash it right after... but you won't.

11. I'm Saving Water


That would be true... if you weren't spending twenty minutes just staring into space in the shower.

12. Nobody Can Tell With An Up-Do


They can, though. I promise you: they can.

13. Curly Hair Doesn't Look Greasy


I tell myself this. It's not true. I sit on a throne of lies.

14. But I Don't WANNA

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OK, it's not an excuse— it's just a fact. And you know what? You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

Skipping a wash can easily turn into skipping three. I mean, you're only seeing your friends anyway— right? You ain't got time for a blow dry.

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