14 Enlightening Things All Introverts Wish You Knew

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Introverts are often misunderstood.

There are way too many misconceptions about introverts— and a whole lot of things the introverts in your life wish you knew. Here are some revelations that can change the way you think about introverts because, nope, not all introverts are shy.

1. That We Spend Too Much Time Feeling Guilty


That we're not going out enough, doing enough, being enough. It's really not fair.

2. That We Appreciate Your Understanding


So someone not giving us a hard time when we just need to recharge feels like a huge relief. Don't think it goes unnoticed.

3. That We're Not Meaning To Zone Out On You


If we seem quiet at a party, sorry. Nobody's trying to be rude, it may just be socialization overload.

4. That We Feel Awful About Bailing


Seriously. But sometimes we're just not up for it.

5. That We're Fun


The worst thing is when people assume introverted means boring. It so, so doesn't. It has no impact on how fun, interesting, or vibrant we are.

6. That Being Alone Is **Genuinely** Fulfilling


It's annoying when someone thinks spending time by yourself is lame. It's actually hugely rewarding. And not a sign of not having anyone else.

7. And Straight Up Necessary


For introverts, being alone is how we recharge and get our energy. So not only is it fulfilling, it's absolutely vital. You don't need to keep questioning it.

8. That It Doesn't Make Us Shy


Just because introverts need quite time alone, it doesn't mean we're shy. Some introverts are totally gregarious and thrive in big social situations— they'll just still need time alone to reboot.

9. But That It Can Be Deceiving


Introverts who are outgoing are often even more misunderstood than other introverts. And don't get cut any slack.

10. That It's Not All Or Nothing


There's such things as an ambivert, who are both introverted and extroverted. So you shouldn't be too reductive when it comes to assuming you know what a few introverted tendencies mean.

11. That Silence Doesn't Mean We're Angry


Quite time is essential to reboot— and we can do it happily. Take it as a compliment.

12. That We Can Still Be Strong, Engaging, And Assertive


Introverts can be strong AF. We can also be amazing leaders. Don't assume we want to stay at the back of the pack.

13. That We Still Need To Vent


Because many introverts tend to be on the quiet side, it can often make us great listeners. But we're still people. We need to vent it out and talk to people as much as anyone else— we're just not always as good at asking for it.

14. At The End Of The Day, We're Just People And We're All Different


Being an introvert isn't our only defining characteristic. It's only one part of who we are. So though it may be important, remember there's a whole lot more going on.

Introverts are way more complicated than you might realize. Take the time to get to know them as people, rather than assuming you know what they're like.

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