13 Things You'll Only Understand If You Wear Athleisure But Never Work Out

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Just because you live in yoga pants doesn't mean you know how to use them.

Athletisure is a thing now, right? A thing I can't pronounce and don't really understand, but a thing. And it means never having to wear buttons again. The best part? You don't even need to work out to wear it.

Living that elastic waistband life and never working out means things can get awkward, but at least you're comfortable when it does.

Here's what it likes to wear yoga pants... but never go to yoga:

1. You feel like Serena Effing Williams


Putting on a new pair of leggings does make you think about working out. Maybe you will work out... tomorrow. (Spoiler: You won't.)

2. People Assume You're In Better Shape Than You Are


Nothing more embarrassing than wearing running clothes and nearly passing out when you have to walk up three stairs.

3. You Spend A Stupid Amount Of Money


Comfort doesn't come cheap, people. Though you do feel guilty for paying out for 'performance' gear that you never, well, perform in.

4. But You Don't Have To Do All That Dirty Gym Laundry


While all your friends sit there talking about how annoying it is to have to wash their spinning clothes five times a week, you just sit there. You sit there enjoying the same leggings you've been wearing for three days.

5. You Can Get Away Without Washing Your Hair


People just assume it's sweat from that class you just went to. In reality, it's just grease. But they never need to know.

6. You've Probably Gone To A Workout Class At Least Once


Just to discover you hate it and it's not for you. But the clothes. The clothes.

7. You've Definitely Ended Up Massively Underdressed Somewhere


Nobody will notice I'm wearing a Nike top to the opera... oh, yes. Yes they will.

8. You Know Where To Get All The Best Bargains


You head straight for the athletics section of T.J. Maxx and stalk the online sales all the damn time.

9. You've Even Gotten Into The Food


Suddenly you find yourself sipping a protein shake or snacking on an energy bar. Even you forgot that you don't actually work out.

10. You Love Dark Colors Or Snazzy Prints... But Not Both


I'm a die-hard black leggings girl. Some people love neon. Stay in your own lane.

11. You Start To Resent Jeans


They used to be your favorite comfortable go-to. Now having to do up a button and zippers feels like torture.

12. Accessories Suddenly Happen


It's not just the tops and leggings— soon you're buying running socks and headbands. Ones that you definitely do not need.

13. You Live In Hope


Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. And you're dressed like a marathon runner, so... ?

There's nothing wrong with wearing comfortable clothing 24/7. I'm not sure I've used buttons since the 90s. Just make sure to wash them— at least once in a while, OK?

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