13 Reasons You Don't Have To Be A Domestic Goddess To Be Wife-Material

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Because messy girls need love too.

It seems ridiculous that, in the 21st century, there's still a pressure on women to be some kind of domestic goddess, who keeps the house spotless and dinner warm.

A woman spending her days slaving away in the kitchen is a stereotype from the past and has no influence on your ability to be a good partner.

Not only does cooking and cleaning have nothing to do with your desirability, it has nothing to do with your femininity either. Here's why it just doesn't matter.

1. Because It's Not The 1950s


You don't need to live in some kind of 1950s nightmare. It's over, guys. Don't sweat it.

2. Because You're Smart And Funny And...


You have so much else to offer, what does it matter?

3. Because Your Partner Should Be Splitting The Domestic Chores Anyway


Boyfriend? Girlfriend? It doesn't matter, they should be helping you out.

4. And If They Don't Agree, You Should Ditch Them

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Would you really want to be with someone who think it's all your responsibility? If you have decided you'll take more domestic chores because you don't mind them and that's how you've divided the labor, that's totally cool. But thinking you should do it just because you're a woman? Total crap.

5. Because Delivery


I mean, do I need to say more? Takeout is basically my religion.

6. Because Everyone Is 'Marriage Material'


There's no such thing as marriage material— that suggests some people are worthy of love and commitment and some people aren't. BS. You're perfect for someone.

7. Because You're Not A Total Mess


Look, most adults can clean a bit and cook a bit and look after themselves enough. Even if they're not a 'domestic goddess', you can take care of yourself.

8. But If You Were, That'd Be Fine Too


You want to be with someone who loves for you. Even if you is basically a human piece of garlic bread.

9. Because It's More Time For Other Things


Sure, you don't know how to make the perfect casserole. But that's more time for your hobbies— yoga, art, even walks in the park. It makes you a more well-rounded person.

10. Because You're A Goddess Somewhere


Aren't bedroom skills more important?

11. Because Eating Out Is Romantic


Going out for dinner is the perfect date night. So the more chances to do it, the better.

12. Because YOLO


When you look back on your life are you really going to regret that you didn't spend your time folding clothes more carefully? I certainly hope not. YOLO, people. YOLO.

13. Because Everyone Has Their Own Style


Own it. Sure, you may not spend all of your time making sure your bed looks like something out of Pinterest. Who cares? Everyone has their own way and, as long as you're happy and healthy, nobody should tell you how to live you life. Not even your significant other.

Although there's still some leftover societal pressure, there's no need to feel like you need to cook and clean— or do it well— just because you're a woman. A partner shouldn't be looking for that and, if you don't enjoy it, then spend your time on things you do enjoy.

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