13 Fun & Weird Boob Facts You Definitely Didn’t Learn In Biology Class

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Because we all have weird nipples.

If you're a woman, chances are your boobs are a major part of your life. Maybe you're used following how they get bigger and small with your cycle— or even how they manage to get so damn sore that you feel like they may burst into flames. But boobs are complex and complicated— and chances are that in school, they skipped over all of the important parts. Most of us barely got sex ed and some of us didn't get it all, so it's up to us to educate ourselves about our breasts.

Now, it's no surprise that your boobs change as you grow up. Anyone who has found a random nipple hair will know that (Oh, come on— you definitely have. Stop pretending.). But while things like gravity taking its toll and hairs sprouting in the weirdest of places maybe be obvious, other changes will be taking place that you don't even know about. So we have to learn about our boobs, about boobs generally, about how they change... basically, there's a whole lot of sh*t to learn. Luckily, there's loads of information out there.

So here are some facts about boobs that you definitely didn't learn in school, because an extra nipple is way more common than you think.

1. B Is The Most Common Cup Size Worldwide


It varies from country to country, but B wins overall.

2. Most Women Have A Bigger Left Boob


Yup— they're always lopsided. But for about 65 percent of us, it's the left one that takes over.

3. Extra Nipples Are Surprisingly Common


2-6 percent of women and 1-3 percent of men are estimated to have an extra one — and not necessarily near the other two!

4. Men Can Suffer From Breast Cancer, Too


It's way less common than with women, but it still happens.

5. It's Estimated That 80 Percent Of Women Are Wearing The Wrong Size Bra


... that's a lot of women. Make sure you get it checked out, because that could lead to back pain and other issues.

6. Breast Symmetry Varies During Your Cycle


The hormones can wreak havoc— but we're most symmetrical between days 14 and 16 of our cycles.

7. Your Nipples Get Darker During Pregnancy


Another fun side effect of hormones.

8. Nipple Orgasms Are A Real Thing


Nipple stimulation can activate the same part of the brain as genital stimulation— so some women have been known to have nipple-only orgasms.

9. Cigarettes Make Your Breasts Saggier


The chemicals in cigarettes break down the elastin in the body, which can lead to drooping boobs.

10. There Are Four Types Of Nipples


Normal, flat, puffy, and inverted... in case you were wondering.

11. Nipples Can Be Different Widths


Just like your boobs can be different sizes, so can your nipples.

12. Bras Are Hella Old


Though mass-produced bras are a 20th century phenomenon, bra-like clothing has been around since the 7th century BC.

13. They Aren't Light


The average boobs weighs 1.1 pounds. That's not lightweight.

Boobs are amazing, sexy... and hilarious. There's a whole lot going on down there— and a lot to learn. They're an important body of so many women's bodies, so make sure that you get educated. Your boobs need you.

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