13 Excuses You Tell Yourself When Deciding To Go Out

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Because sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

If you want to go out, nothing is going to stop you. Even if you have really, really good reasons that should stop you.

1. It'll Only Be One Drink

HINT: It is never only one drink.

2. I Deserve It

Maybe you do, but if you think back I bet you deserved it a lot of times.

3. It's A Special Occasion

You just have to go out for your boyfriend's second cousin's birthday. What kind of women would you be otherwise!?

4. You'll Stay In Tomorrow

You won't. You really, really won't.

5. You Just Got Paid!

Sure, but the drinks still cost the same amount. And you need that money to last all month.

6. You Haven't Been Out Properly In AGES

Yeah... that's probably not true.

7. You Have To Check Out This New Place

Even though it'll still be there tomorrow. And next weekend. And, if it's any good, for months and years after that.

8. You Just Bought A New Outfit

It just has to be shown off, right? But the thing is, whatever nigh you wear it, it will be a new outfit. Now or a month from now.

9. You've Been So Healthy Lately

Maybe— but that's not going to help tomorrow's hangover.

10. You've Been Bailing So Much Lately

But then surely bailing once again won't hurt, right?

11. Your Boss Will Be Mad If You Miss Work Drinks

You know what will make your boss even madder? Getting drunk and red-wine crying at your workers at 6 pm. That will be worse, I promise.

12. It's Rude To Cancel Last Minute

Everybody does it. Every. Body. Does. It.

13. You Just Want To

OK, so it's not an excuse— it's just a reason. And you know what? It's reason enough.

Deciding whether or not to go out can be a huge internal battle. But ultimately, you need to discover your inner YOLO and go for it. It's totally acceptable reasoning.

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