13 Embarrassing Things All Women Do Before Sending A Selfie

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Marie Claire

Never the front camera. Never.

Sending selfies has become a rite of passage for young people— but let's be real, as a hobby it's pretty effing ridiculous. You're just sending photos of your face to your friends and crushes who, presumably, already know what...your face looks like? It's a bizarre pastime and we all sort of know that.

Which means, before we send them we act a little ridiculous. Because we're aware that we're putting it all out there and making a pretty silly move. But still, gotta live— gotta selfie.

And it's harder than it looks. From the moment you open up the camera and realize that your front camera is on and you look like an angry funhouse version of yourself to when you decide to hit send, there are a lot of awkward moments. Do you want to cool? Do you want to look goofy? How can you keep from looking like you're trying too hard? Why the hell am I even doing this they've seen my damn face before.

There are a lot of questions. But, thankfully, it's your friends are normally there to help you out. It's basically what group chats are made for.

So here's what every women go through before sending a selfie, because it's an hilarious emotional roller coaster.

1. Check How Haggard We Look Today


Do I look just regular tired or oh dear god don't even think about tired?

2. Take 500 Options


Basically put out your arm, pull a million faces and see what happens.

3. Scroll Through And Realize You Shouldn't Have Used The Front Camera


Never. Use. The. Front. Camera.

4. Try Again With The Back Camera


It's just safer.

5. Look For The Best And Weirdest


You're almost certain to only have one good one, but to have 294 where you look like some kind of sea monster halloween costume. It defies the laws of nature.

6. Send The Worst Ones To Your Best Friend


They'll appreciate how horrifying you look, because they've seen it all before.

7. Send Some Options To A Group Chat


It requires the hive-mind.

8. Ditch Them All And Start Fresh


Actually, you don't like any of them. You'll take a couple more. But only a couple more.

9. Goofy? Serious?


You want to look good, but not like you're trying to look good. Can you pull a goofy face where your eyes look amazing and everything else is on point? Probably not. You are not Blake Lively.

10. Finally Pick One


This one. This is the right one.

11. Debate Whether Or Not You're Really Going To Send It


Is this weird? This isn't weird, right? This is what people do, right? RIGHT?!

12. Caption Or No Caption


You may want to write something witty and hilarious. It will normally come out a whole lot weirder than that— so try not to overthink it.

13. Press Send And Anxiously Wait For A Response


You've done it now. You've sent it now. It's done now. It's just time to pray.

Sending selfies can be a hilarious exercise— but also a little nerve-wracking. So if you feel ridiculous when you're sending a selfie, you are definitely not alone. But you know what? There's nothing wrong with loving yourself and wanting to share it with the world— whether you want to look hot, silly, or both. It's totally up to you. You get to own how you want to put yourself out there into the world and, if you want to send a damn selfie, send a way. Your friends are there to help with the awkward parts.

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