13 Embarrassing Things All Women Do Before Going On A Tinder Date

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Anna Sudit

What the hell is their actual name again!?

Going on a first date is always nerve-wracking, but going on a first Tinder date is even worse. There's no way to predict if that banter you've had online is going to translate to real life— or if they'll be any chemistry at all. And hell, you don't even know if they'll look anything like their photos. I've had a Tinder date who I straight up didn't recognize. I wouldn't have had any idea that it was him if he hadn't come up to me. And then we had nothing to talk about. All in all, that date lasted 35 minutes. 35 awkward minutes.

So when it comes to getting ready for your first Tinder date, it's totally normal to feel uncomfortable. Some last minute Instagram stalking and outfit changes are definitely called for, as well as some reassurance from your friends. But you know what, it's worth it— because something those first dates turn out to be amazing. And the bad ones? Well, we can just forget the bad ones pretty quickly. The good news about meeting them on Tinder is that you never have to see them again, they can just disappear into the ether.

So here are things that all women do before a Tinder date, because a lady has to be prepared.

1. Definitely Decide You're Not Going To Go


You can cancel, right? You can cancel. It's not weird to cancel.

2. But Then Decide That It's The Right Thing To Do


OK, you'll go. But just for an hour. You have Netflix to watch, you know?

3. Separate What They've Actually Said V. What You Stalked


He told you about his Mom, but he didn't tell you about Uncle Bob— you found that on Instagram. Do not mention Uncle Bob.

4. Swipe On Tinder A Bit


Just to see what else is out there. You have to keep your finger on the pulse right?

5. Try On Eight Different Outfits


Leggings. You can wear leggings on a first date, right?

6. Message Your Friend For A Pep Talk



7. But Not Believe Them


You're always skeptical before a Tinder date. Always.

8. Let The Friend Know Where You're Going To Be


In case he's a serial killer haha but no really haha but no REALLY.

9. Think About Shaving


... but you probably won't do it. Don't want to look too keen.

10. Double Check Their Name


You'e just been referring to them as 'Tall Accountant' in your head and to your friends, don't forget to call him his actual name in real life.

11. Last Minute Look Check


Does my makeup make me look like a clown? Does my outfit make me look like a singing hobo from a musical? What am I doing with my life?

12. Double Check Your Phone A Million Times


Just to make sure that they haven't cancelled. You do not want to get stood up.

13. Cross Your Fingers And Pray To The Tinder Gods


It doesn't have to be great, just don't let it be a disaster date with a psycho Please.

Don't worry, getting ready for a first date is always awkward, especially if it's someone you met online. But really, that's part of the fun. So whether the date works out or not, don't worry— there's always another chance for a great first date.

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