Quiz: Only A True "Yooper" Can Pass This UP Michigan Test. Can You?

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Are you an Upper Peninsula native? Find out now!

Put your knowledge to the test to see just how much you know about the Upper Peninsula (UP) Michigan!

 Dec 20, 2017

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What does "Yooper" mean?
A bird found only in the Upper Peninsula
The Michiganders who live in the Upper Peninsula
Someone whose ancestors were from Michigan

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What covers most of the land in the UP?

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The area code of the Upper Peninsula is _____.

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Lake ___________ is the largest of the Great Lakes.

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How many interstate highways are in the UP?
Just one!
About seven!
Three, I think!

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During the winter, UP is known for ________
Heavy snowfall
Lots of rain
Light breezes from Canada

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Which is known as one of the great wonders of the world in UP?
The Mississippi River Basin
The Soo Locks Waterway
The Rocky Mountains

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______________ is the longest curve-less section of highway in Michigan.
Route 66
Seeney Stretch

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Which is a very popular activity in UP?

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Pannukakku is __________
pork kebabs and vegetables
a native cheesecake in a thick sauce
a baked custard with a thimbleberry sauce

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Approximately what percentage of Michigan's total population lives in the UP?

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The UP had a mass number of ______ immigrants who settled in Copper County.

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What's the correct way to pronounce Mackinac?

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What's a "chook"?
A wood chipper
A knit winter cap
A snow chipmunk

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What is the nickname for Yooper English?
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