Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This If You're Of Mayan Descent


Do you have Mayan ancestry?

Answer these questions about Mayan culture, including questions about food, religion, architecture and sports!

 Aug 17, 2017
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Who overtook the last remaining Mayan civilizations?
The French
The British
The Spanish
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Which of these were one of the countries the Mayans inhabited?
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Structures built by the Mayans include stone temples and _______.
Underground caverns
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Where were the Mayan civilizations located?
Southern Europe
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What is Mayan writing and symbols called?
Straight script
Angular Scripture
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A modified version of this Mayan game still exists today, what is it?
Ulama/Ball Game
Bocce Ball
Cricket Trigon
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What did Mayans do to purify the body?
They would fast
They took sweat baths
They consumed papayas
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Mayans named their children based on what?
The order they were born in
What their first cry sounded like
The day they were born
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Who were the Mayan temples resting places for?
Loved ones who passed away
The Gods
The King and Queen
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What was the Mayan civilization located in the middle of?
A desert
The mountains
A rainforest
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What is the famous complex of Mayan ruins on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula?
The Red Pyramid
Chichen Itza
Pyramid of the Sun
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What complex time keeping device did Mayan mathematicians and astronomers create?
The calendar
The sun dial
The watch
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How did Mayans believe they could communicate with the gods?
Human sacrifice
By building tall structures
Through praying
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What green gemstone did Mayans use in many of their arts and crafts?
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What food was a staple in Mayan cuisine?
Buffalo meat
Green beans
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