Quiz: You'll Only Ace This If You've Seen "Steel Magnolias" A Million Times


Hey Darlin! If you were raised on the classic movie "Steel Magnolias", this quiz will be a piece of armadillo cake!

Take this quiz on the movie "Steel Magnolias" and test your knowledge to see if you can get a perfect score.

 Oct 21, 2017
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Why was it not a good idea for Shelby to have children?
She was still in high school
Her diabetes would cause high risk pregnancies
She did not like children
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Why did Shelby's father shoot at the big tree in the yard?
To knock the tree down
To clear out the birds for the wedding reception
He just bought a new gun and wanted to practice shooting
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What was the only nice thing Truvy could say about her son's new girlfriend?
She had a great sense of fashion
She had a nice car
All of her tattoos were spelled correctly
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What did Shelby name her new baby boy?
Jackson Jr.
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What happens to Shelby at the salon while getting her hair done for the wedding?
She has a diabetic attack
She runs away crying
Her hair starts smoking
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What does Annelle do to Sammy's beer when she finds it in the refrigerator?
She makes him take them back to the store
She drinks it
She pours it out
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At Shelby's wedding, what is the cake in the shape of?
A flower
A diaper
An armadillo
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What does M'Lynn finally do at Shelby's wake?
Accepts her daughter's death
Runs out screaming
Gets into an argument with her son
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Where do Annelle and Sammy meet?
At Shelby's wedding reception
At the hair salon
At a local bar
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Why was Ouiser's dog losing his hair and barking uncontrollably?
He was stolen by the neighbor
Because of Drum making so much noise shooting at birds
He had rabies
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Why was Shelby's arm so bruised and swollen?
She hit her arm on a bookshelf
From her dialysis
She fell and broke her arm
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What does Truvy do to Shelby's hair?
She cuts it short
She dyes it bright pink
She gives her hair extensions to her feet
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What helps Annelle come out of her shell?
She gives a speech at the wedding
She gets a makeover
She gets discovered by a modeling agency
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Who has a baby at the end of the movie?
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What does Annelle name her new baby?
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This quiz asks questions about the hit movie "Steel Magnolias" to see how much you know.