Quiz: Only 1 In 50 People Know What These 16 Old-Fashioned Phrases Mean


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Do you know your old fashioned phrases? This quiz will test you on many classic old-fashioned words and phrases from the 70s and beyond!

 Nov 27, 2017
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What does it mean if something is "far out"?
It is across the country
It is excellent
It is out of your reach
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If someone is "happy as a clam" they are ________.
very happy
not happy
just leaning to swim
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If two people are "thick as thieves," they are _______.
mean to each other
very close friends
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If someone has a "better half" they have what?
A spouse
A kinder side to their personality
A young child
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If someone tells you to "blaze the trail," they are telling you to _______.
go for a hike
drive fast
lead the way
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When is an event official over?
When the fat lady sings
When the sun goes down
When the rooster crows
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What is someone who is a member of a wealthy aristocratic family?
Black belt
Blue blood
Red coat
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What does it mean if someone has butterfingers?
They are very clumsy
They have lots of candy
They are a chef
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If someone has cold feet, they ________.
just stepped in a puddle
are having second thoughts or doubts
need a new pair of socks
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What does it mean to "cut a rug"?
To get a new hair piece
To dance enthusiastically
To spill something on the carpet
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When do "dog days" occur?
When a person falls in love
In the summer when it is very hot
During the holidays
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If someone double crosses you, what have they done?
Waved hello
Betrayed you
Walked in front of you
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If you "egg on" someone, you are _______.
asking them to wear yellow
making them breakfast
encouraging them
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If a person is eye candy, they are what?
Very attractive
Dressed in bright colors
Eating lots of sweets
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If a piece of clothing fits you to a T, it _______.
fits perfectly
is too small
is too long
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If you get caught in gridlock, what does that mean?
You are doing a math equation
You are stuck in traffic
You are locked in a bathroom
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