Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You're Smarter Than Steve Jobs


How bout them (Steve's) apples?

Take this quiz on computer science and history and test your knowledge to see if you can get a perfect score.

 Aug 29, 2017
1 of 15Pick your answer!
Which animal is also the name of part of a computer?
2 of 15Pick your answer!
What does CPU stand for?
Central Processing Unit
Computer Programing Unit
Computing Placement Unit
3 of 15Pick your answer!
How many megabytes are in one gigabyte?
4 of 15Pick your answer!
When typing a web address, what does "www" stand for?
Winter Wonder World
World Wide Web
Web Watch World
5 of 15Pick your answer!
What is Wi-Fi?
A brand of computer
A question you ask
A wireless connection to the internet with the use of devices
6 of 15Pick your answer!
What is a computers memory called?
7 of 15Pick your answer!
Along with Bill Gates, _________ co-founded Microsoft.
Steve Jobs
Paul Allen
Mark Zuckerberg
8 of 15Pick your answer!
Which E-reader is an Apple product?
9 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these names is NOT also the name of an artificially intelligent being?
10 of 15Pick your answer!
________ is Apple's operating system.
11 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these is not an Apple product?
Galaxy s7
12 of 15Pick your answer!
What is present in computers that keeps them from overheating?
Ice boxes
Air conditioners
13 of 15Pick your answer!
What is a piece of code that is capable of damaging computer systems and destroying data?
HDMI cord
14 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these is a removable disk that can be used to store data from a computer?
Flash drive
15 of 15Pick your answer!
Newer versions of Apple's Macbook laptops no longer contain what?
Built-in disk drives
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