Only A Doctor Or Nurse Can Ace This Tricky Medical Test. Can You?

Do you live for helping kids?

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 Nov 10, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick your answer!

A medicine that protects you against a serious or deadly disease is a ________.
muscle relaxer

Question: 2/15Pick your answer!

What process usually happens between ages 10 and 14 for girls and ages 12 and 16 for boys?

Question: 3/15Pick your answer!

To avoid diaper rash, what do you need to apply to a baby's behind?
Bug Spray
Desitin Ointment
Icy Hot

Question: 4/15Pick your answer!

What is the most common type of developmental delay in children?
Language/speech problems
Reaching the average height
Being a "late bloomer"

Question: 5/15True or False:

Some pediatricians continue to care for patients until they are 21 years old.

Question: 6/15Pick your answer!

A common cause of delays in social and emotional developmental is ________.
growth spurts
being born premature

Question: 7/15Pick your answer!

Children do best when they have at least three what?
Loving and supportive adult influences in their lives

Question: 8/15Pick your answer!

When pregnant with a child, what is something mothers should avoid?
Drinking juice
Listening to music

Question: 9/15Pick your answer!

If a baby in early infancy has crying attack and abdominal pain, it might be what?
Baby fever

Question: 10/15Pick your answer!

What is thrush?
A fungal infection in a baby's mouth
A type of diaper rash
A brand of baby formula

Question: 11/15Pick your answer!

________ fluid is what surrounds a baby in the womb.

Question: 12/15True or False:

All children develop at their own pace.

Question: 13/15Pick your answer!

A child's brain will reach 90% of its final size by what age?

Question: 14/15Pick your answer!

When do most babies learn their names?
1 year old
Between 5 and 7 months
24 months

Question: 15/15Pick your answer!

What book do pediatricians recommend to new moms?
Game of Thrones
The Joy of Cooking
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