Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Food Test, You've Got Wyoming Roots

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Were you raised on Wyoming cuisine? Well show what you know!

Take this quiz on Wyoming based dishes and test your knowledge to see if you can get a perfect score.

 Jul 05, 2017
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Which of these popular fruits are often made into a jam?
Western Blueberries
Seedless grapes
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Which meat is a popular jerky in Wyoming?
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Which type of fried steak is popular in Wyoming?
Oven fried
Triple deep fried
Chicken fried
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This seafood dish with dipping sauce is named after the Rocky Mountains
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This tasty beef alternative contains less fat and more protein
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Which of these are a different kind of burger in Wyoming, that is healthier than beef?
Goat burger
Bison burger
Horse burger
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Wyoming is the number one producer of ______
Sweet potatoes
Dried beans
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________ trout is a popular Wyoming seafood dish
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___ is a classic cowboy dish.
Fried dumplings
Chicken noodle soup
Chili with beans
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Which is a traditional native American baked favorite?
Fry Bread
Funnel cake
Buffalo cookies
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What is included in a typical Wyoming breakfast?
Corned-beef hash
Kale smoothie
Breakfast tacos
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Which chili is popular in Wyoming?
White Chicken Chili
Vegan Quinoa Chili
Gluten free black bean chili
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