Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About Feminism?


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 Oct 28, 2017

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Besides women, _________ can be feminists also.

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Which of the following is a known historic feminist advocate?
Malcolm X
Abraham Lincoln
Susan B. Anthony

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Which of the following is not a type of feminism?

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Women make up the majority of ___________ in the U.S.
college graduates
police officers
Supreme Court justices

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Which state was the first to grant women the right to vote?

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Which famous pop group introduced the phenomenon of "Girl Power" in the 1990s?
The Spice Girls
Earth, Wind & Fire

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For every dollar a man makes, how much does a woman make?

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Feminism is often used to do what?
Sell products
Brainwash young children
Cause women to have a negative body image

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Feminists are not a fan of ___________.
double standards
women owning property
providing women with access to contraception

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Contrary to popular belief, what does feminism have nothing to do with?
Fighting for equal wages among men and women
Belittling men
Empowering women about their bodies

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Which of these celebrities is a known, outspoken feminist?
Tina Fey
George Washington
Donald Trump

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Which of the following has helped to kickstart societal changes throughout history?
Disliking men
Feminist campaigns
Accepting oppressive situations and hoping they will change

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Feminism takes into account several different __________
ways to find an outfit
women's perspectives
ways to make men feel less important than women

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Suffrage is _________
the right to vote in political elections
suffering from something unpleasant
finding a cure for back aches in women

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Which of the following is not a goal of feminists?
Establishing equality in the workplace among men and women
Establishing equal education for men and women
Teaching women to obey their husbands' commands
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This quiz tests your knowledge of feminism to see if you know enough to get a perfect score.